Sobras para o almoço (corrected audio) | Inglês Todos os Dias #231

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Sobras para o almoço (corrected audio) | Inglês Todos os Dias #231

Meu sobrinho passou para comer as sobras de spaghetti para o almoço de hoje. Então vamos aproveitar para aprender a dizer sobras no mini-podcast de hoje.

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When my nephew Benjamin saw that we were going to have leftover spaghetti for lunch today, he decided to stay and have lunch with us.
Mac and Cheese / Macaroni and Cheese, stewed tomatoes
leftover spaghetti, leftover chicken
When do you eat leftovers?


Vamos praticar o vocabulario de hoje setor de comentários abaixo. 

When do you have leftovers?

We usually have leftovers on ____________ ; we ate leftover __(food)__ on __________ .

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44 comments “Sobras para o almoço (corrected audio) | Inglês Todos os Dias #231”

Hi Tim! Long time no see!!!

I hope you’ve had a great time in the US!

By the way, I do love Mac and Cheese too.

I usually have leftovers on Thursdays.

It’s my pleasure, having you around again!

Thank you, Vera! I’m glad to be back! What do you usually eat on Thursdays?

 I am happy, our teacher is here again ! 
We usually eat leftovers on Mondays.

And what leftovers do you usually have?

Hello Tim..I missed you and your lessons!!
I usually eat leftover rice. Here in Brazil it is called risoto..Mix all ingredients into the rice.Have you ever eaten risoto?

Yes, I love risoto! 😀

Hi Tim, usually I’ve leftover from Sunday until Thursday then I prepare my packet lunch to next business day.

Interesting! You have it down to a system!

We usually leftovers on lunch on Monday. But in my girlfriend’s house they don’t like leftovers. 

They only like freshly-cooked meals?

We usually have leftovers on mondays ; we ate leftover chicken with rice. 

Sounds good!

We usually have leftovers on Monday, we ate leftover pasta.

I love leftover pizza!

I usually have leftovers on dinner time. We eat the leftovers from the lunch time every day, except on the weekend.

I love to eat leftovers from lunch! 😀

We usually have leftovers on Mondays! Last Monday we had leftover cold pizza for lunch! Delicious!!
Great week Grand teacher!

I like cold pizza!

We usually have leftovers on Mondays; we ate leftover veggies for lunch on Monday.

Sounds good! Yum!

On mondays I eat leftover salsicha ;D

Sausage? Sounds good!

I do like leftover spaghetti with too much tomatoe sauce and cooked quail eggs!

Sounds good!

Sometimes I eat leftover feijoada, normaly on Thursdays.

Leftover feijoada is great! 😀

Normally my wife and I eat leftover of Sunday on Monday lunch.

Good idea!

Hi Tim,

we ate leftovers every time we have pizza for dinner. Next day we love to eat leftover pizza.

Leftover pizza is delicious!

We ate leftovers every night.

You really like leftovers! 😀

I like leftover barbecue on Sunday from lunch

Sounds good! 😀

We usually have leftover on Monday. We ate meat and rice in night.

Sounds good!

Hi Tim. Nice to see you again!

When I buy a pizza I usually eat leftover one on next day. I love eat a pizza in the morning. hahaha.
Is in the United States normal to eat a leftover in the morning?


Yes, and Americans LOVE pizza! 😀

I usually eat leftover lasagna on sunday.

I usually eat leftovers after cookout in Sunday…

We usually eat leftover on Monday and Saturday.

I usually have leftovers on sunday at night.

We usually eat leftovers on Sunday night.

We usually eat leftovers on Mondays. We try to adapt the leftovers to make a new recipe.

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