Speak vs. Talk (parte 3) | Inglês Todos os Dias #203

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Speak vs. Talk (parte 3) | Inglês Todos os Dias #203

Vamos aproveitar o famoso discurso em sessão conjunta aos legisladores do Senado e da Câmara de Representantes dos Estados Unidos de ontem para continuar a falar sobre a diferença entre speak e talk.

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In his first address to a joint session of congress, President Donald Trump spoke about his agenda for the country.
long holiday weekend
joint effort
The State of the Union Address
His agenda for the country.
address book
Bob is going to talk/speak about our sales target.
Bob is going to talk about...
The President of Brazil is going to speak about…

Clique AQUI.                 Clique AQUI.


Complete this sentences comments section below.

__(Person)__ is going to talk/speak about ___(subject)____ .


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37 comments “Speak vs. Talk (parte 3) | Inglês Todos os Dias #203”

My friend is going to talk about his dog Trump. It bark loudly to strangers.

No one is going to mess with that dog! 😀

Tonight, my brother and I are going to talk about my trip to Miami in July.

Exciting! I hope you have a great trip!

Could you give me some tips for my interview at the American consulate? I’ll try the visa for the first time.

This isn’t professional advice, but from experience:

Take any documents that show ties (vínculos) to Brazil (house, car, work, etc.) And just answer their questions truthfully, but don’t offer more information than they ask for.

My boyfriend and I was talking about our wedding

When is it going to be?

We were only talking. We don’t have date yet.

The President of Brazil is going to speak about the corruption our country.

That’s a weighty subject!

The King is going to speech about the walls of the kingdom.

The boss is going to speak about the company party.

Cecilia is going to talk about her trip.

Good job, Ale!

My wife and I talked about my cousin’s trip, because she is going to buy some things for us in USA

That’s nice your cousin is going to do that for you!

The union talked about the strike, and the majority preferred come back to work 

I’m glad they got it resolved!

I was talking with my sister about party of my niece!

How old will your niece be?

She will old five !

I and my dear cousin Francisca we are going to talk tonight about this great website. I’ll speak her as it is so good!!!

Great topic of conversation! Thank you! 😀

The professor is going to speak about laundry money.

That’s a serious topic!

My boos is going to talk about our weekend party.

I hope you all have a great party!

I was talking about your great PostCasts to my folks and they enjoyed so much that they subscribed it

That’s great! Thank you! Say hello to them for me!

My doctor will like to speak about my diet tomorrow.

Hmm. That’s a serious subject! 🙂

My mother is going to talk about my homework. I’m afraid, because I don’t know if I do something wrong.=/

Hmm. Did you DO your homework?

Hi Tim,

Thank you once more for your tips!

If you don’t mind I would like you explain to me the use of: Having said, That been said and Having been said.

Some times I get confused by trying to say those expressions.


Maybe we could do a mini-podcast about that!

My mother and I are going to talk about our Trip to Water´s Circuit Paulist as soon !

The Doctor is going to speak about his new project !

Good job!

I just loved to find your podcast site! I am 19 and I love english since I was a kid. Eu nunca frequentei cursos de inglês mas consegui entender tudo o que você falou. Às vezes apenas me confundo sobre falar assim naturalmente. Thank you! <3

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