Sponge Bob and Phrasal Verbs

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Listen to Tim and "Sponge Bob" showing you how important it is to know PHRASAL VERBS in order to understand movies. 🙂

These are the phrasal verbs you will hear:

  • back up
  • settle down
  • start(ed) out
  • go(ing) in
  • come on
  • order up


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39 comments “Sponge Bob and Phrasal Verbs”

I liked this video and the phrasal verbs in it.

Thanks, Madgda! Glad you liked it!

I’ve been learning a lot here, especially through the tips sent by email! I’m recommending this site to all my friends !
Thank you!

Thank you for recommending us to your friends, Lívia! I really appreciate it! Good luck with your studies!

I prefer videos with subtitles in English. Do you have any?

There are several videos with scripts on our site. Check out the category Video & Sripts.

Olá Tim! gostei muito, mas como iniciante também gosto de musica, me indicaria aigumas?

Olá Mercia! Qualquer música que você gosta serve para o seu aprendizado. O importante é ouvir, aprender as letras e cantar junto.

Good idea the show us a film with hints of english …

Thank you, Mario! Glad you liked it!

Hello Tim and friends, this video has no problem, I watched until the end.
Also I am too accomplished  from  learning  the phrasal verbs. 

Thank you, Dirceu!

Hello Tim!
Achei super interessante esse vídeo. Em pouco tempo você e o Sponge Bob ensinaram vários phrasal verbs. Estou adorando as dicas e muito animada com os estudos.

Thanks! Bye bye

Legal, Bruna! Fico feliz que você está aproveitando as dicas! Um abraço!

   How amazing is to learn English with you Tim ! Keep on doing your good job !

It’s great to hear that, Laura! Thank you for participating here with us!

I liked very much, thanks .

Sure! You’re welcome!

I love it!!! Thank you very much. I need more videos like that.

That’s great, Thais! So glad you liked it!

By the way Tim, Is  it “back up” a synonyn of “back off”?
Thank you!

They are similar, Vera, but have *slightly* different meanings.

“back up” simply means to move backwards; however, “back off” has a stronger (more negative) meaning:

==> to stop being involved in a situation, usually in order to allow other people to deal with it themselves:
/She started to criticize me, then she suddenly backed off./
/Just back off and let us do this on our own, will you?/

==> to move backwards away from someone, usually because you are frightened:
/I saw the knife and backed off./

(From dictionary.cambridge.org)

What nice video!I’ve got all phrasal verbs. Hugs

Thank you, Vera! Good job!

Come on, settle down guys!

Yes, settle down!


Thanks, Sousa!

Thanks, I love it!

Thank you, Denise!

You’re welcome! Glad you liked it!

reconocer el desarrollo de rutinas de esta

Poder (para poder); Poner (poner); dar (dar)

Hi Tim!

Thanks for your podcasts and e-mail!

You are a great teacher!

Hi tim,

thank you for your time.
I hope speak english with you and other peoples. Including writing here. 🙂 Thaks a lot.

it starterted out suddenly, while people was on the beach.

Hi Tim, i love your tips, but when you use videos in your tips like this, i like very much.
[if i wrote something wrong pls, say to me 🙂 ]

Hi Tim, I often hear your podcasts and today it seams like you’re a bit sad. Usually you’re more cheer (this is right to say? Or its cheer up? Help me)

Hello, Sergio. You can say that I am usually more cheerful. I think I was more nervous in the first ones. 😀

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