Proibido “Tailgate”! | Inglês Todos os Dias #223

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Proibido “Tailgate”! | Inglês Todos os Dias #223

Dirigindo nas estradas aqui nos E.U.A, frequentemente vejo uma placa que diz No Tailgating! Vamos falar sobre a palavra tailgate no mini-podcast de hoje.

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No tailgating!
No smoking!


Can I squeeze by you?


Let's practice in the no comment section below. Complete this sentence:

I was driving to __________ when a car/jerk was tailgating me.

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59 comments “Proibido “Tailgate”! | Inglês Todos os Dias #223”

Hi Tim, Today morning I was driving to the work and a bus was tailgating me 🙁


Hi, Tim. Não seria mais adequado dizer “May I squeeze by you?” em vez de “Can I squeeze…”? Thanks.

Olá, Marcelo! Técnicamente sim. Mas informalmente a gente usa mais o “Can I…?”

Olá Tim,
Sobre seu podcast de hoje, fiquei intrigado com a palavra “Tailgate” que para mim apareceu como “Engate” “andar engatado”.
Digo isso porque eu nunca tinha visto este termo e acabei pesquisando mais sobre o tema na internet e vi que é muito comum os “Parkings & Tailgates” nos eventos esportivos como o Futebol.
Ficaria muito contente se você pudesse falar mais sobre isso.

Um abraços do seu Grande Fã.

Anderson Camargo
P.s.: Enjoy your travel in the United of States.

Sim, verdade, Anderson. É comum em jogos de futebol (americano).

Talvez o tailgate usado como aviso nas estradas seja uma variante do mesmo termo usado nas empresas. Quando morei nos EUA era bem comum ver dentro da empresas, placas pedindo para ” Prevent the tailgate” , que nada mais é do que aquele ato que um funcionário sem crachá fica muito próximo, quase encostando em alguém, a fim de passar pela porta de entrada. Figuramente falando ele se aproveita do “tail” de alguém e passa pelo gate sem a devida permissão. 🙂

Interesting observation, Anderson! Thank you for sharing it here! It sounds like the expression could have come from something like that.

Good morning Tim, very interesting this subject, I’ve never had heard about tailgate, but now it is time to make the phase

I was driving with my family to countryside, when suddenly a jerk was tailgating me.

Yes, a real jerk!

I was driving to Rio when a car was tailgating me.

Dangerous drivers!

Hi Tim!
Great podcast, as always!
“I was driving to Detroit and a truck was tailgating me.”

I hate it when trucks bear down on me!

I was driving to my house when jerk was tailgating me.

Yes, a real jerk!

Hi TIM, These tips during your Journey in the US are extremely helpful! Thanks for remember of us, during your long vacations.
Let´s go to try this lesson….I drive every day at the Marginal Pinheiros in São Paulo where the traffic there is always heavy, and it is common to see the cars tailgating each other, include mine. I try to keep the distance, but sometimes, I´m talgating the car ahead me! Thanks for this lesson. Keep in touch and enjoy, enjoy and enjoy.

Thank you, Jorge! And be careful with all that tailgating!

Hi Everyone !
Let us go to do this lesson. . . When I drive my car, some time see cars tailgating each other, include mine, and I´m tailgating the ahead me too!
Thanks to your lesson and , have Everyone a Wonderful Friday and Weekend !

Good job, Ricardo! Be careful with all that tailgating!

Hi Tim!. I hope you have a great moments in US and be careful on the highway, because here drivers tailgating each other. It´s crazy!

I really get irritated when drivers tailgate me.

I was driving to São Paulo when a truck was tailgating me.


When i leave from my garage always there is a car tailgating me.

You’ll need to drive slower to tick him off! 🙂

I was driving from São Paulo to Guarulhos When a truck tailgate me. I was so furious, but I was keeping calm utill get my destination.

Next time, drive real slow to tick him off!

Tim, first of all many thanks for your tips. They have been very useful for all of us. Now let’s get started. Tailgate phrase: “if that jerkoff doesn’t stop tailgating me, I’m going to slow down to 5 miles an hour! (LOLz)

Good idea!

I was driving to Viçosa when a truck was tailgating me.

Next time someone tailgates, drive real slowly to tick them off!

I was driving to Ouro Fino and a boy was tailgating me!

Someone needs to teach that boy how to drive!

The police was tailgate in thief’s car on the road.

Did they catch the thrif?

Isso Washington divina tô São Paulo when a car Washington tailgating me.

So rude!

I Washington driving  to  São Paulo ,when a car Was  tailgating me

That’s very irritating!

i was driving to Natal, on Rio Grande do Norte State and a dweeb was tailgating me.

What an idiot!


Hi Tim! Maybe you can make some podcasts all in english…because…not make sense all this information in portuguese…i think the process is better all in english…because, we can learn with your pronunciation and formation of phrases…with all in english, we working the listening, pronunciation, vocabulary and after that, read (with phrases) and writting, trainning.

Anyway, just a comment. thanks! I really liked these podcasts…

Ops, writing.


Thank you for the suggestion, Larissa! Maybe in the near future we can have a separate podcast only in English. This one is to helps learner’s from different levels learn new expressions, vocabulary, and phrases. Think of it as an addition to your studies, not a be–all and end–all.

I was driving to Minas when a truck tailgating me.

And that is a dangerous road, too!

Tim, forget about that kind of tailgating! I’m hitting the road to enjoy a fun-filled tailgate party in a stadium parking lot of a large event to celebrate. I really love tailgating! Tailgate is all about food, friends and atmosphere. Now I’m a tailgater! Tailgate time!(LOL)

Yes, that IS a lot of fun!

Yesterday I was driving to home when a jerk was tailgating me.

What a jerk!

I was driving to my work yesterday, when a car was tailgating me.

Why don’t you drive real slowly when he/she does that! That will teach him/her a lesson!

Hi. Nice podcast!

“I was driving to Pecém when a car was tailgating me”.

Thank you, Emanoel!

I was driving to Caraguatatuba when a jerk was tailgating me!

Did you let him pass?

I hate when a driver tailgating me. It is dangerous e very unrespectful.

Dorival was driving to Maracangalha when I was talgating him.

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