Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #08: É assim que ela vai saber que você a ama!

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Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #08: É assim que ela vai saber que você a ama!

As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #09 - Parte 3 | Vamos aprender a usar o pronome that para se dizer "é por isso que" e "é assim que".

Estamos aprendendo as 100 palavras mais usadas na lingua inglesa. De acordo com o livro The Reading Teachers Book of Lists, Third Edition as primeiras 25 palavras dessa lista representam aproximadamente um terço de todo o material escrito em inglês, e as cem que estamos aprendendo representam aproximadamente metade. Vamos aprender todas e estaremos bem encaminhados no domínio da língua inglesa.

Hoje vamos continar a DOMINAR a nona palavra mais comum em inglês: that (part 3)


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

Why do you want to learn English?
Because I want to see the world.
I want to see the world; that's why I am learning English.
That's how she knows (that) you love her.

Resposta das frases no e-mail:

É assim que você mostra que o/a ama! = That's how you show (that) you love him/her!
É isso que você irá aprender no mini-podcast de hoje! = That's what you will learn in today's mini-podcast!


Clique AQUI para começar a DOMINAR o inglês básico.



Complete a seguinte frase: I want to _________________; that's why I ____________________ .

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42 comments “Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #08: É assim que ela vai saber que você a ama!”

I want to speak English fluently; that’s why I am listening and studying “Domine Inglês Básico”

Best Regards. Vera Abreu

Good for you, Vera Abreu! And you’re doing a great job, by the way!

Great tip Tim, as usual!

I want to live in USA; that’s why I want to learn English and little by little, with your help, I’ll learn!

Thanks a lot Tim!


You sure will, Emerson! You’re already doing great! Congratulations!

Im loving all of this thats why i see this web every day.

So good to hear that, Carlos! That’s why we keep posting these tips! 😉

I want to buy a new bike; that’s why I’m saving my money.

I hope you can get the new bike soon, Mario! Thank you for participating here!

I want to travel that’s why I’m trying to learn English with your help
Thanks a lot, Tim

That’s great, Lucia! It’s always useful to speak English when you travel abroad!

I want to improve my English, that’s why I love to listen your podcasts Tim! Thanks a lot!

That’s great, Irene! Thank you for participating here!

I want to go to England. That’s why I’m studying English!

That’s a great motivation to learn!

Tnks a lot Tim one more time. I love your posts that’s why i indicated your website to a friend

Thank you very much, Carlos! It is people like you who encourage me to continue!

Hi Tim.
Is it correct “They have a meeting tomorrow, that’s why they are working later”? Great a job. Have a nice day.

Yes, that is correct, Edgar. Good job!

I want to speak English; that’s why I am studying everyday.

Great! Keep up the good work!

This website is great, that’s why I like it a lot.

That’s why you will improve your English this year, too! 😉

I want to improve my English, that’s why I’m studding all your lessons!

That’s great, Anelise!



I want to know about many cultures. That´s why I am learning English. 

I want to use in my work. That’s why I’m learning english.

I want to change the world for the better. That’s why I am vegan. 🙂

I want to sleep, that`s why I take a shower.

I want to travel to Los Angeles on January, that´s why I need to learn English!

I want to improve my english, because I intend to live in masterdam.

I want to have more opportunities job, that’s why I’m learning English.

I want to travel to Canada, that’s why I’m learning English too.

I want to a good salary in the future that’s why I’m learning english and spanish

I want to learn English ; that’s why I plan to live in the USA.

I want live in USA. That’s why I’m learning English.

I want to live in USA. That’s why I’m learning English.*

I want to learn English; that’s why I listen to your podcast.

You’re in the right place! 😀 Thank you for your participation!

I want to travel; that’s why I am learning English

That’s a great motivation!

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