Inglês Todos os Dias #179: O Dr. Ben Carson tem um ‘track record’ impressionante!

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Inglês Todos os Dias #179: O Dr. Ben Carson tem um ‘track record’ impressionante!

O Dr. Ben Carson, um dos maiores neurocirurgiões dos Estados Unidos, explica porque o Donald Trump o escolheu para ser seu secretário da Habitação e do Urbanismo. Veja se você reconhece a expressão que ele usou na resposta.

Aprenda também o significado e a tradução da expressão track record.

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He’s going to run the government the very same way that he runs the Trump empire. You find people who are extremely confident, not people who are your buddies and your friends and people that you owe a favor to, but people who you believe actually share your vision and have the ability and the track record to actually get things done.
What do you make of these picks?
Get things done







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Who do you know that has an impressive track record?

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9 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #179: O Dr. Ben Carson tem um ‘track record’ impressionante!”

I don’t know about Trump’s picks Tim, but yours are great, you are an amazing teacher!

Thank you, Sergio!

I hope not, but these picks smell like disaster. A country is not a private company.

Ben Carson seems like a pretty nice guy, and smart, too. Let’s see what he does. 

In my point of view, Sérgio Moro has an impressive track record. He belives in the power of justice and has the ability to get things done.

Yes, he does seem to have an impressive track record.

My uncle has a track record amazing.

I know what you mean Renato, but here in Brazil we need more than a nice track record to solve our corruptions problems!

I do admire Dr. Ben Carson! He was one of the best Trump’s choices for his government.

See you around

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