Tradução de ‘handful’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #185

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Tradução de ‘handful’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #185

Eu estava conversando com uma técnica (tentando arrumar o nosso site que está muito lerdo esses dias) e acabamos falando sobre nossos cachorros. Quando eu disse que tínhamos um Beagle, ela disse: They can be a real handful! Vamos descobrir o que significa, e como traduzir, a palavra handful nesse sentido.

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a little patience
That’s life!
She’s wild!
Yes, beagles can be a real handful!
a handful
He pulled out a handful of coins.
There was a handful of people there.
The kids are quite a handful.
You are quite a student.
Kids are a handful.
Teenagers are a real handful.
Bobby can be a real handful when he needs a nap.




Who or what is a handful to you? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

_____________ is a real handful!

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30 comments “Tradução de ‘handful’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #185”

Hello Tim, how was your Christmas??

I have a dog too, it isn’t a beagles, it is a pincher, months ago, it was sick and gave a quite handful, but now it is ok 

Have a wonderful day.

Pinchers are cute, too, Denilson! My niece has one! Yes, they can be quite a handful! 😀

Oh, and I had a great Christmas! Thank you! Hope you did, too!

My nephews are a real handful in these christmas!

Are they staying at your house? 🙂

If I would talk about someone or something that is difficult to manage, I would probably think about my nephew, Matheus. Despite being obese, he is a quite hectic toddler making him a handful for anyone to deal with. You can’t imagine how he is agitated. 

I think I can! I have a chubby nephew, too! 🙂

Ours politicians are a big handful.

They truly are!

Good morning. I live in an appartament and I dont have dog. My daughters want very much a dog but I believe that dog in an appartament, perhaps, be handful. What do you think?

It would be! You’re right! 🙂

My niece is head for holiday of high school,and it is handful! I use the preposition correct?!

Do you mean that your niece is a handful, meaning she is a lot of work?

Yes thanks!

Hello Tim! I really enjoy all your podcasts. I hope you had an amazing Xmas.
I have the following question: if I say “kids are a handful”, is it the same as saying “kids are overwhelming”? I have difficulties to translate and use “overwhelming”, however, if I see it in a sentence, I kinda understand the meaning.
I’d really appreciate if you could help me with that. Thanks in advance.
Regards, Jéssica 

Hello, Jessica. If you say that kids are “overwhelming”, you mean that you think they are too difficult for you. You are not sure if you could be a mother, for example. The word “overwhelming” would be too strong in this situation.

Buying Christmas presents is quite a handful!

It is, but we made it! [conseguimos!] 😀

Return to home is quite a handful after holidays because there are traffic jam on the roads.

True. But glad to be home already! 🙂

Lorena (my daughter) can be a real hadful when she needs a nap

I’m sure she is! 😀 How old is she, by the way?

My baby boy 1 year old is a quite handful when it is bed time.

I’m sure he is! 😀

The pincher of my wife is quite a handful.

Yes, they’re small, but very lively! 😀

Keeping up with the news nowadays is quite a handful, besides taking a lot of time.

I know what you mean, Sergio!

It’s very heavy to repaeat the same tasks everyday. It’ quite handful!

G day Tim! I hope you was well!
Sometimes I fell learning english is a quite handful, but i know i can be ! I hope that 🙂

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