‘Vai dar tudo certo!’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #193

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‘Vai dar tudo certo!’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #193

Meu aluno estava preocupado que iria perder a sua vaga por ter que mudar de horário... but I assured him [Eu o tranquilizei]: Vai dar tudo certo! Vamos aprender a dizer isso em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje!

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Don’t worry about your classes; it’ll all work out!
work out
The car is working.
It worked out!
It will work out
It will [It'll] all work out!
My car broke down; but don’t worry, it’ll all work out.





Let's practice in the comments section! Complete with a sentence:

___________________________; but it will all work out!

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43 comments “‘Vai dar tudo certo!’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #193”

Tomorrow, I have a job interview and I’m very nervous, but it’ll all work out! God will be with me!

Have a great interview, Emerson! I am sure it will all work out!

If you don’t have enough money to buy a course about phrasal verbs, don’t worry. You can learn them listening to the free podcasts from Tim Barrett and at the end it’ll all work out.

That’s true, Carmen! 🙂

I don’t have enough time to study English, but it’ll all work out!

You just need a few minutes here, a few minutes there.

I’m a little worried about paying my bills this month but I know everything will work out Aproveitando Tim, gostaria de saber sobre o phrasal verb ” look up ” acredito que um dos seus significados seja o mesmo ou parecido com work out (cabe até um podcast rs) porque já ouvi uma frase assim ” Don’t worry, things are looking up ” thanks Tim !

Hello, Gil! When you say that things are looking up, you mean that they are getting better.

I am worried with the college, but I believe it will all work out!

Study hard and whenever you can!

I was thinking travel in my vacation, but appeared a trouble in family, a brother in law is sick, I hope in the end will all work out.

Tim, please tell me if is right 

I hope so, too, Denilson!

I have an interview tomorrow as well and I’m feelling vary nervous because it’s gonna be all in english… But I hope it’ll all work out ! 

I’m sure it will! Tell me how it went!

My motorcycle It broke, but don’t wory,  it’ll all work out…

I hope you can get it fixed soon!

Yes , the my Life is looks up Day by Day , and I know it will all work out ! I sincerely hope that Vanessa and Emerson has a Excelent Interview ! Thanks so much .

Thank you for caring about your fellow students here. Yes, I hope they had a good interview, too.

Can I say: Everything is gonna be alright?

Yes, you can say that, too.

May I also say “it is gonna be all right” instead?

Yes, Luiz. You can say that, too.

My note of enem was horrible,but it will all worked out!

Keep studying!

I don’t know if study English alone will work, but I believe it will all work out!

It will! Just never give up!

Hi teacher I got away for some weeks but Ihave studied our lessons!
Some time ago I learned that working out means “working out” in the gym, doing physical exercises, but if I misunderstand it, now it will definitely work out!

Yes, that is another meaning of the phrasal verb “work out”. You were correct.

I forgot to advice my neigborhood that her husband will be waiting for her on the cinema and they got lost, but I believe it will all work out!

I hope they found each other in time for the movie! 🙂

I always fortoget the rules in english, but it’ll all work out!

Forget about the rules, and just learn complete sentences and phrases. That’s the easiest way.

I can’t to do a good test today. But it’ll all work out.

Just study harder for the next one!

I have stomached but It’ll work out 

I hope you feel better soon, Debora.

Is it correct to use this form too?
enverything will be alrigth

Sure. It means “Tudo vai ficar bem”. Similar to “tudo vai dar certo”.

Sure, don’t worry about your avaliation, it’s will worked out.

It will all work out. Maybe not today but eventually.

I was fired; but it will all work out!

I have make this schedule, but don ‘t worry, But it’ll all work out

My legs pain a lot, but will work out !

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