Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #30: Eu moro em Jundiaí. | O Simple Present em inglês

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Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #30: Eu moro em Jundiaí. | O Simple Present em inglês

No mini-podcast de hoje, vamos conversar sobre onde moramos e praticar o Simple Present [Presente do Modo Indicativo] em inglês.


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Frases no mini-podcast de hoje:

I am from the United States, but I live in Brazil now.
Simple Present
I live
You live
We live
They live
He/she/it + (verb) + s
He lives
My brother lives...
I live in Jundiaí, my brother lives in Jundiaí too.
I live in...
My family lives in the United States.


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Escreva uma frase dizendo onde você mora, e outra frase dizendo onde uma outra pessoa (amigo, parente, etc.) mora; assim:

I live in _____________ . / My friend lives in _____________ .

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53 comments “Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #30: Eu moro em Jundiaí. | O Simple Present em inglês”

I live in Recife. My family lives in Recife as well. I have a sister who lives in Manaus.

How far is Manaus from Recife?

I live in São Paulo, but my cousin lives in Minas Gerais, near to Ipatinga.

Do you visit your cousin when you’re on vacation?

I live in Imperariz, my brother lives in Impertriz too.

It’s great to have family in the same city – if you get along! 🙂

I live in Olinda.
My friend lives in Recife.

Both are beautiful cities, I’ve heard.

I live in Lajeado/RS. My parents and my brother lives in Lajeado/RS too. One sister lives in Garibaldi/RS and another sister lives in Perth/WA.

So your sister lives in Australia?

I live in Itauna, Minas Gerais, but my son lives in Sao Paulo.

Is Itauna far from São Paulo?

I live in Jandira/SP and my sister lives in Extrema/MG

I’ve never been to those cities.

I live in Fortaleza and my father lives in boa viagem

How far is Fortaleza from Boa Viagem?

i live in Franca and my sister lives in São Paulo

She lives a little far from you.

I live in Ribeirão Preto and my son lives in São Paulo

My wife was in Ribeirão Preto last week.

I live in Joinville- SC , but my brother lives in Imbituba.

Joinville is a big city; right?

I live in Jardinópolis, my brother lives in São Paulo

Tell him to stop by here one day to say hello!

I’m from Brazil, near of Jundiai…
But I live in Japan now… 

Cool! What are you doing there?

I live in Fortaleza. My family lives in Fortaleza.

I hear Fortaleza is a beautiful city!

Hey Tim,
I live in Belo Horizonte. My wife lives with me.

I hear it’s a beatiful city!

I live in Fortaleza, and my parentes live in São Paulo.

Your parents live close to us!

I live in São Caetano do Sul, my brother lives in Vinhedo.

Close to us!

I live in Brasília, my brother lives in Uruguai.

Tell the politicians to behave there!

I live in Recife, my brother lives in Olinda.

Interesting, thank you!

I live in Cornélio Procópio. My brother lives in Balneário Camboriu. 

Are those cities near each other?

I live in Sertãozinho. My brother lives with me. Sertãozinho is 300 kilometers of Jundiai.

I know. I’ve been to Sertãozinho!

I live in São paulo, but my girlfriend lives in Santo André.

At least you don’t live too far from each other.

I live in são José dos Campos/SP and my mother lives in São Jose dos Rio Preto/SP.

You live pretty far from your mother.

I live in jundiaí too, my cousin lives in Rurópolis – PA.that  is 3152 kilometers of Jundiai.

I live in Florianopolis, but my sister lives in Toronto Canada.

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Hi Tim, How are you? I hope you are fine!

I live in Australia and my whole family lives in Brazil and my friends too.

My sister lives in Montreal


Hey, a fellow Jundiaiense!

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