Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #35: Como o verbo ‘to have’ é diferente de outros verbos em inglês

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Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #35: Como o verbo ‘to have’ é diferente de outros verbos em inglês

Neste episódio vou dizer qual celular eu tenho, e vamos conversar sobre como o verbo ter/possuir (to have) é diferente de outros verbos em inglês.


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I have an iPhone; my brother has an iPhone, too.
I live / we live / they live
It rains...
I live in Jundiaí.
She lives in Jundiaí.
My wife lives in Jundiaí, too.
have / has
I have a/an ___________. My friend has a/an __________, too.


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I have a/an _____________ .  My friend/wife/brother/dog has a __________ , too.

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26 comments “Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #35: Como o verbo ‘to have’ é diferente de outros verbos em inglês”

My wife has a new clothes and I have a new pants.

I work for the company and my wife works housewife..

Very good, Denilson!

I have an IPhone 5S but my husband has a simple old mobile phone…He hate new technology….

He doesn’t know what he is missing! 😉

I have a sugestion; my friend has same sugestion , too. how about explains phrsal verbs ” sell out”. Please Tim.

Good job, Ariol. There are several meanings to that phrasal verb. In what sentence did you see it?

I have an Iphone 4s and this is enhough to me. My sister has an Iphone 6 Plus, this is too much to me.

My mother has the plus, too. It’s good for reading text and watching videos.

I have a laptop, my brother has one too.

Great. So you two can talk to each other by Skype!

I have a big house, my sister has one too.

I have a Hollywood Artist Name but my brother has a trial name. My sister too.

So where do you have your family gatherings?

Hello tim, I have been trying to talk, but I can’t something is wrong I don’t know what.

Were you able to talk now? [conseguiu?]

just TO correct to myself,please helpe me, Hello Tim, I have been trying to talk and coment here,but I think something is wrong,I dont know why.
I hope now I did right.
Have a great weekend. You are the best teacher.

It worked now, Lucy!

Yes Thank you Tim, I want to participation more,but, I’m very busy at my work and also my college. wish I could have a little be more time to learn, I love English.
Bye have a nice night.

I have a red car Ferrari . My friend has a red car Ferrari, too.

I have a blog about children and my husband has one about 3d

I Have a motorcycle. My brother has a motorcycle, too.

“I have a dream….I still have a dream…” My wife has a dream, too.
We “have a dream that one day this nation will” be free from corrupt politicians.
=with respect, admiration=

I live in Minas Gerais and my daughter lives in rio.

Hi Tim! How’s going?

I have passion for make up’s My friend Renata has the same feeling!

I have a son, my brother has son, too.

I have a wife I love so much and She has tow dogs!

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