Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #25: ‘Você está acordado?’ em inglês

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Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #25: ‘Você está acordado?’ em inglês

It is seven o'clock in the morning. (7:00 a.m.) Você está acordado? Se estiver, então vamos aprender a dizer "acordado" em inglês e fazer perguntas no Present Continuous no mini-podcast de hoje.


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Frases no mini-podcast de hoje:

It is 7 .A.M. Are you awake?

Are you sleeping?
It is 7 o'clock in the morning.


Are you awake?
Are you awake or are you sleeping?
It is 7 A.M. / It is 7 in the morning.
I am completely awake.
How about you?
What time is it?
Who is awake?
Who is sleeping?
It is 7 A.M. I am awake, but my wife is sleeping.
I hope you are awake.


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What time is it? Who is awake? Who is sleeping?

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25 comments “Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #25: ‘Você está acordado?’ em inglês”

It is 11 A.M. / It is 11 in the morning.
I am completely awake.
Thank you very much.

Glad you are awake! Hope you have a great day!

Hi, it’s 1 A.M, everybody in the house are sleeping and I’m awake, because I was studying English until now.
Thanks a lot for podcasts 

Have a nice day

Wow! You’re a dedicated student! Have a good night’s rest!

it’s 10 p.m. 
i’m awake. 
who is awake?

I am! I never go to bed before midnight!

Hi Tim, it’s now 03:48 P.M. I’m at work and no one is sleeping here =P

It’s first time I’m listening to this podcast and I like so much!

Thank you, I will listen the others now.

It’s a good think no one is sleeping at work! 🙂 Welcome to our site! So glad you found us! Good luck with your English studies!

It”s 7:00 AM , I’m awake, but my daughter is still sleeping…

It’s still early to be getting up! 🙂

Hi Tim! How are you doing? Here’s 17:46 PM and there’s no one sleeping, cause is still afternoon! Thank you for one more lesson! Bye!

Thank you! Have a great afternoon!

Hi Tim! It´s 10:42 in the night! Some are sleeping already but not me, I´m awake studyng your last mini podcasting! Wish you the best!

That’s what I call a dedicated student! Hope you have a good night’s rest now!

What time is it?
it’s quarter to 10 am.

Who is awake?
I’m awake and studying english

Who is sleeping?
My wife is sleeping now kkkk

Good job with your questions and answers, Ren!

Hi,Tim! I`m not sleeping now. I am studying your podcast. Tthanks for all.

That’s great! Now you can go to bed and dream in English! 🙂

It’s  06:00 p.m.  I’m awake now, studying   English but I was sleeping . 

I hope your mind is awake and alert to learn lots of English!

it’s 11:15 am. I am awake studying english and all here are sleeping. Let me know if my english is right or wrong.

That’s correct, Jackson. Good job!

Hi tim!

It’s 10:37 a.m, I’m awake and studying english, but my mother is sleeping.

It’s tow to ten, and my wife and are awake and our dog is sleeping, on my bed!

What time is it ? It’s 19:26, and I’m sleepy.
Who is awake ? Everyone is awake.
Who is sleeping ? Someone will be sleeping later today.

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