Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #22: “Você” no plural em inglês e perguntas no present continous (parte 3)

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Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #22: “Você” no plural em inglês e perguntas no present continous (parte 3)
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Se eu fizer a pergunta "What are you doing?" em inglês, eu estou perguntando "O que você está fazendo?"; mas e se eu quiser dizer "O que VOCÊS (plural) estão fazendo?", como ficaria no inglês? Vamos conversar sobre o "você" - YOU - no plural em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje.




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Frases no mini-podcast de hoje:

What are you guys doing?
What are you doing?
I am studying.
What are you guys doing?
We are studying.
What are you two doing?
We are talking.
I’ll see you guys on our site!


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Escreva e responda a seguinte pergunta em inglês no setor de comentários abaixo. 

- What are you guys doing?
- We are __________ing.

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23 comments “Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #22: “Você” no plural em inglês e perguntas no present continous (parte 3)”

Excelent podcast

Thanks, Gilmar! Welcome to our community!

What are you two doing?
We are talking about your  good site, Tim!!!

Great subject of conversation! 😀

We are working yet.

Keep it up, Anelise!

What am I doing? I’m studying English using the excellent site “Domine Inglês” with best English teacher Tim Barrett!

Tim, I have one question. If you can, please, do you answer me?

In the first sentence that you showed in this podcast “What are you guys doing?”, I can put in this way “What are you doing guys?”?

Thanks a lot!

Olá, Emerson! Yes, you can put it that way, but it won’t have the exact same meaning. 1. What are you guys doing? = O que vocês estão fazendo?; 2. What are you doing, guys? = O que vocês estão fazendo, pessoal?

We are following each step of yours here on the podcast, because doing this we will improve faster.

So glad to have you guys here!

Sorry, “your steps”

It’s correct to say “each step (singular) of yours” because of the “each” (cada).

What are you guys doing?
We are listening to the mini podcasts to learn inglês.

Great activity! 🙂

Hi Tim, I´m glad to see you back again! Did you already think about create a business english course? 

We have, Paulo. Is there anything specific you would be interested in?

At first, I would like one about how to create and write business e-mails, but I am interested too in a job´s interview course, I mean, what kind of questions is often used in an job´s interview.

Thank you for the suggestions, Paulo. We hope we can help you with those soon.

What are you guys doing? 
We are working.

What are you doing guys?
We are studing english, and speaking with teach Tim with your website.

Great activity! 🙂

i think if my multiple use of “with” is wrong, and tried use “to” and “in”. Is it right?

You can say, “…and speaking with Teacher Tim on his website.”

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