Inglês Todos os Dias #96: ‘Vocês capricharam na decoração’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #96: ‘Vocês capricharam na decoração’ em inglês

My student walked into our classrom, saw the Christmas decorations, and said: "Uau! Vocês capricharam este ano!" How would you say that in English? Let's talk about that in our mini-podcast today.


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

Wow! The decorations look great this year! You outdid yourselves!
You did a good/great job!
You put a lot of effort into it!
outdo yourself
Wow, you outdid yourself in the decorations!
You outdid yourselves!
Wow! This cake tastes delicious! You outdid yourself!
I loved my secret pal gift! You outdid yourself!
I outdid myself in this episode today!

christmas boxPhrasal_Verbs_with_P_Rudolph_Box

Christmas Carols and Traditions, Click HERE.

A Visit to Rudolph in the North Pole!Click HERE.



Escreva sobre alguma coisa na qual você caprichou, ou sobre alguém que caprichou em alguma coisa no setor de comentários abaixo - em inglês é claro! 🙂

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26 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #96: ‘Vocês capricharam na decoração’ em inglês”

Hi Tim! 
I started to study english last week with your podcasts and I’m learning very much!
“I outdid myself in my job today and now I’m learning a little english to finish my day.”
não sei se está correta minha frase, but I’m study hard to be better!
Se você puder, em algum podcast, ensinar o uso do (Where, Were, We’re) pois tem praticamente a mesma pronuncia, dai confunde na hora de aprender. Abraços, e continue seus podcasts, são muito bons!

Hello, Douglas! Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll do that!

I outdid myself with  the rice cake that I made myself! 

Yum! Wish I could have some!

Tim, you always outdo yourself making amazing podcasts. I love this!

Thank you, Sergio! I appreciate it!

The turtle outdid itself when he won the race with the hare


Hi Tim..can I use it in this context?

Sure, that’s fine, Renata. I guess you could even say “himself” since the turtle is “personified”.

You’re are always outdoing yourself with your great podcasts. What else is new!!!
I am already getting used to it. What a responsabilty, isn’t??!!

Wow! Thanks, Celia! Now I feel like I have to live up to your expectations! 🙂

wow!my  friend outdid herself in the  monthly reception in her  house

Why wasn’t I invited? 🙂

I’ve just finished the housework and I outdid myself in it! 😉 

Good for you! It’s great to have a clean house – especially when I’m not the one cleaning! 😀

Gee, Tim! You have outdone yourself in these podcasts lately.
That’s a joke because you have outdone yourself for a long time.

Aw, shucks, Karneiro! 🙂 Seriously now, thank you for the kind words!

Hi Tim,
Talking about Christmas, can you explain the following words and expressões:

Holly, mulled wine, Boxing Day, mince pie and mistletoe? Thanks

Good idea, Dori. Maybe we can do a podcast on those!

Hi Tim, my wife outdid herself yesterday. She prepared the best “feijoada” I’ve ever eaten!

Lucky you! 😀

I just finished my book and I outdid myself in the reading. I’ve never read any book in such a little time.

Tim I love your mini podcasts I’ve been learning a lot with you! Congrats and thank you!

Thank you, Evelyn!

Hi Tim…

I outdid myself studying my oboé.

Good for you! Keep up the good work!

I outdo myself listening to podcast everyday. I will hope to do this everyday in 2016.

Keep up the good work!

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