What’cha Doin’? | Inglês Todos os Dias #305

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What’cha Doin’? | Inglês Todos os Dias #305

What are you doing? Aprenda como contrair e reduzir esta pergunta como americanos fazem e saiba mais sobre o nosso novo curso Como Falar Inglês Como Um Nativo em 21 dias.

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What are you doing?
What'cha Doin'?
Whattaya doin'?
tie up (some/a few) loose ends

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Grave a frase 'What'cha Doin?'' no botão abaixo (para receber o nosso feedback)

e depois responda esta mesma pergunta no setor de comentários abaixo. 

What are you doing?

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31 comments “What’cha Doin’? | Inglês Todos os Dias #305”

Please, write down in English the prhasal verb  “Amarrando as pontas soltas”

Hey, Cleon! It’s

tie up (some/a few) loose ends

Thank you so much….

I’ve just added it to the post above, too.

I just sent my record of the relaxed speech “What’cha doin”.

And I’ve just sent you a reply. Please tell me if you got it!

By the way, we have similar last names. Barrett comes originally from English; how about Barreto?

I´m trying to pronounce the sentece: “What´cha doin?”.

Did you send your recording?

You should be working a lot in your new project. What’cha doin’?

That’s right! We’re working on the project!

Phineas and Ferb is our favorite cartoon. There’s no way to forget Isabella’s “What’cha doin?” 🙂

haha What does she say in Portuguese; do you know?

She say: Oi Phineas o que estão fazendo?


I’m fine, thanks. And you?

Doing great. Thank you!

Hi everyone !

What´t cha doin ? I am studing on Domineingles.com.br because ” é o mio que ta teno memo ” ! Have Everyone a great Day !

haha Yes, that’s how Brazilians speak, too! 😀

Water you doin’?

Water? 😀

It sounds like “what are you doin’?”.

I’m listening to all the episode that I missed. Because I was traveling.

That’s great! Gotta catch up! 😀

I’m listen “Inglês Todos os Dias”

I’m listening yours podcasts.

done!! what’ cha doin man?

Hi Tim, What’ cha doin? I’ve just sent you my audio!

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I’m studying english now.

Good for you!

I’m chatting with my girlfriend and studying english with this podcast and training my english written.

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