What’s Halloween All About?

What’s Halloween All About?

IN TODAY'S ISSUE: Halloween Controversy - Harvest and Halloween Customs - What We Are Working On - How To Make a Jack-O'-Lantern - Being A Christian Is Like Being A Pumpkin

What's Halloween all about? [Do que se trata Halloween? (Depois você pode rever esta expressão aqui e aqui.)] Quais são as atividades da época? Por que muitos Americanos NÃO celebram esta data? , etc. É possível que você irá conhecer uma perspectiva deste assunto que nunca viu antes. Hope you like it!


Not everyone in the States will celebrate Halloween.

  • not everyone = nem todos

Many Christians want nothing to do with Halloween because of its occult elements. There is also a question about its pagan origin. Also, some parents are concerned for their children’s safety during this time. Today in age, children are in some physical danger when they go trick-or-treating because they are walking around neighborhoods in the dark, accepting candy from strangers.

  • concerned for = precupado(s) com
  • safety = segurança
  • today in age = hoje em dia
  • go trick-or-treating = (ver abaixo)
  • walk around = andando/passeando (sem rumo específico)
  • neighborhoods = vizinhanças, bairros
  • candy = doces

The frightening imagery surrounding Halloween is also a concern. In the past, Halloween was less frightening. It was mostly about dressing up in fun costumes, and children weren't exposed to as much disturbing imagery as they are today. This is a tough issue for many parents as they often have very fond memories of trick-or-treating when they were children, but don't feel comfortable taking their own kids out.

  • frightening = assustador
  • imagery = imagens, fantasias e imaginação
  • surrounding = cercando
  • concern = preocupação
  • It was (mostly) about = Tinha como propósito (principal) (Veja a dica "What was that all about?")
  • dress up = vestir (em fantasia)
  • costume = fantasia
  • disturbing = inquietante
  • tough issue = assunto difícil
  • fond memories = memórias agradáveis
  • take (kids) out = levar (crianças) para uma atividade planejada

In addition, modern horror movies have become a particularly sore point for concerned parents, as they are usually extremely violent.

  • In addition = além disso
  • sore point = um assunto sensível ou irritante

Many churches and communities ignore this holiday or they hold a Fall Festival or Harvest Fellowship at this time, primarily to provide an activity to help keep young people away from the dangerous aspects of Halloween.

  • Fall Festival = Festival de Outono
  • Harvest Fellowship = literalmente, “Comunhão de Colheita”
  • keep (young people) away = afastar (jovens)


Can you name the following Harvest and Halloween customs? What are these children doing?

1. _________ _____ in a costume

2. going ________________

3. eating ________ apple

4. buying pumpkins at pumpkin ________

5. making a __________________ (Below you will learn how to make one.)

6. ______________ for apples

7. visiting a ____________ house

8. on a ______________

9. telling and listening to _________ stories
Answers: 1. dressing up; 2. trick-or-treating; 3. candy; 4. patch; 5. jack-o'-lantern; 6. bobbing; 7. haunted; 8. hayride; 9. spooky


Phrasal Verbs with P Rudolph BoxWe are now working on our next story - Phrasal Verbs that begin with the letter P. One of my students and I counted 65 Phrasal Verbs and 21 Expressions, not counting all the other every-day phrases and collocations, just in the first story (Phrasal Verbs with the Letter A). We didn't have time to count the Phrasal Verbs and Expressions in the other stories yet. Can you imagine how many Phrasal Verbs and Expressions you will learn when we finish the series?!

  • actually = na verdade

tim tammy image all products





1. Take a pumpkin.


2. Cut off the top

3. Scoop out the seeds from the inside

4. Carve a (scary or funny) face on the front.

5. At night, put candles inside the Jack-o'-lanterns and put them on your doorstep.

  • cut off = cortar e remover
  • the top = a parte de cima
  • scoop out = remover com colher, tipo colher de sorvete (“ice-cream scoop”)
  • carve = esculpir
  • doorstep = soleira (da porta)


A friend sent me this by e-mail...

Being a Christian is like being a pumpkin. God lifts you up, takes you in, and washes all the dirt off of you. He opens you up, touches you deep inside and scoops out all the yucky stuff -- including the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc. Then He carves you a new smiling face and puts His light inside you to shine for all the world to see.


  • lifts (you) up = (te) levanta
  • take in = leva para dentro
  • wash off = limpar (da superfície)
  • deep inside = lá no fundo
  • scoop out = (Essa você já aprendeu. 😉 )
  • yucky stuff = coisas nojentas, sujas
  • seeds = sementes
  • doubt, hate, greed, etc. = dúvida, ódio, ganância, etc.
  • shine = brilhar



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11 comments “What’s Halloween All About?”

Well done Tim! I can see here in the US that many families don’t want to participate of this celebration, so they keep the porch lights OFF, that way all children become aware they should not ask for candies in those specific houses.

But, it still is a great celebration, I mean very popular.

Thanks, Anderson. I respect those who don’t want to participate; however, I, personally, have no problem with giving the kids candy. 🙂

Actually, today in age, I agree indeed with all about you’ve said concerning Halloween.



I give candies when neighborhoods childrens ask me for, with no problems , but I don’t like my kids ,or now, my grankids participating  of this kind of celebration

Do you live in Brazil or the U.S.A., Lucia?

Hello Tim! How are you doing!
In Brazil as well as in other countries the traditional cultures are finishing because the children and young people haven’t more interesting in this culture. I think that it will be in the memory of old people and the book history. I liked this reading, there are many new expressions to pick up and at the e-mail, and the message is very nice! 
All the best!!!

That’s true, Rogério. Traditions are being changed or replaced; and a lot of it has to do with the kind of pop culture we have today.

Dear Tim, I think Halloween’s origin is very interesting, as well as Jack-oh-Lantern story. However, I think this celebration has nothing to do with Brazil, and I don’t like spooky stories or costumes. What I liked the most from this post was the BEING-A-CHRISTIAN-IS-LIKE-BEING-A-PUMPKIN story! Really cute point of view! 🙂 

Thanks, Patricia! Yes, it’s interesting how Brazil adopts some traditions from the U.S. Halloween is a rather strange custom, although there are some fun activities involved.

i can´t open the  movie to  read  it
Could  you  help me

What movie, Dora?

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