Algo não está batendo | Inglês Todos os Dias #296

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Algo não está batendo | Inglês Todos os Dias #296

Meu aluno faltou de novo e disse que estava doente. Algo não está batendo!

Ainda bem que a situação acima não aconteceu de verdadade, mas usei como exemplo no mini-podcast de hoje para ensinar a expressão ‘algo não está batendo’ em inglês.

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My student said he was sick again! Something doesn’t add up!
add up
Add four more apples.
add up
These figures are not adding up.
It doesn’t add up.
The story does not add up.
His story didn’t add up.
Something isn’t adding up.
Something doesn’t add up.
He/She said _____________. Something doesn’t add up.
He said he didn’t have money. Somthing doesn’t add up.
Your story doesn’t add up.


Vamos praticar a expressão de hoje setor de comentários abaixo. Complete a frase:

(Person)/He/She said _____________________ . Something doesn't add up.

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24 comments “Algo não está batendo | Inglês Todos os Dias #296”

He said a bad history about his weekend. Something doesn’t add up.

Yes, something is suspicious. 🙂

he said he lost everything. Something doesn’t add up!

It seems like he is exagerating! 🙂

He said he didn’t like ice cream. Something doesn’t add up!

Impossible! Unless he is lactose intolerant!

He said the promotion was over. Somenthing doesn’t add up!☺️

That can’t be! Talk to the manager! 🙂

My son said he already did your homework, something doesn´t add up.

Better check! 🙂

My boss told me I’m a good coworker, something is not add up 

I love math, but my figures isn’t adding up I don’t know exactly what I’ve done

My boss has a brand new BWM and he always says he’s broken.
Something doesn’t add up!

My brother will trip on next week. Something doesn’t add up!

He said he didn’t know nothing about the robbery. Something doesn’t add up.

My best friend has planned to set off vacations with me to Australia. She was very excited to go, but suddenly she backed off. Something doesn’t add up!

I’ve bought a english course on line and the teacher isn’t getting touch with me. Something doesn’t add up.

My fiancé said he forgot his ring at home. Something doesn’t edd up

Something’s not adding up !!
This student of yours is a genius, how could he make this mistake? HAHAHA

He said be in love.Something doesn´t add up!

He said doesnt like me! Its very strange, because yesterday he said me love me. Something doesnt add up.

She said she’s very busy these days but she has no job. Something doesn’t add up!

He brought me flowers, something does not add up.

Our boss said he had published yesterday. Something doesn’t add up on branch master…

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