Inglês Natural #12: Aliás (para se corrigir) | Inglês Todos os Dias #357

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Inglês Natural #12: Aliás (para se corrigir) | Inglês Todos os Dias #357

Esta dica deveria ter saído ontem - aliás, na segunda-feira. Antes tarde do que nunca! [Better late than never!] Então vamos aprender a dizer "aliás" no sentido de " ou melhor, digo" para se corrigir em inglês.

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Hi, dear students. Here's yesterday's lesson - I mean, Wednesday's lesson.
By the way
Oh, by the way, did you talk to the teacher?
Here's yesterday's lessos - I mean, Wednesday's lesson.
I mean
You're mean!
You're not mean.
What does this word mean?
What do you mean?
We were in March - I mean, April.
I really do love him - as a friend, I mean.
We met in Toronto - I mean, Montreal.
She plays the violin - I mean, the viola - very well.



Make a mistake and use "I mean" to correct yourself in a sentence in the comments section below.

Example: I was sleeping - I mean, studying English - when you called.

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56 comments “Inglês Natural #12: Aliás (para se corrigir) | Inglês Todos os Dias #357”

The second to comment – I mean, first!

Good for you! 😀

Oh no, somebody else took my second place, I mean first place. haha

You were slow. 🙂

I am eating an apple pie – I mean, a strawberry pie – because I love it so much.

Both are delicious! Yum!!

I’m learning cantonese – I mean, english.

Your tips are awesome Tim, I always learn something.

So glad to hear that, Leitor. Thank you.

I was sad yesterday – I mean sick – very much.
I’d like to work hard – I mean finish my task – today

Did you finish it? 🙂

I was sad yesterday – I mean sick – very much.

I hope you are feeling better today.

I not feel very well today – I mean, I too tired.

You need to get some rest!

My classes will start tomorrow, I mean, the next Monday.

Good luck with your studies!

I’m trying to improve my english using this podcast, I mean, I’m improving it too much. tks 

It’s great to hear that!

We met in New York – I mean, Washington.

It’s a small world! 😀

I arrived at home so late last night, by the way, my wife was so angry, I mean so sad.

Don’t let that happen again! 🙂

Green is our favorite color. I mean, black is our favorite color!

Your character here in green. 😀

My sister wore dress, I mean, very short skirt.

Where was she going?

It was pouring rain all day yesterday, I mean, today! By the way, it was definitely needed.

Yes, that was a wild rain!

I´m going to São Luís/MA, I mean, to Teresina/PI.

Wow! You get around!

The train stopped at the fifth station – I mean at the fourth.

Did you get off at the right station? 😀

I have a homework to class on wendnesday. I mean, monday.

Study hard!

rained very today. I mean, yesterday.

Yes, it rained here, too!

I like so much Miley Cyrus, I mean Demi Lovato

Is she your favorite singer?

I didn’t really love that lesson I mean, loved that lesson without a doubt

Phew! You scared me there for a second! 😉

I study spanish every day, I mean english.

Good for you!

I just bought your “Phrasal Verbs Letras Q e R” Product, I mean “Inglês para Viagens”.

That’s great, Paulo! Good luck with your studies!

We met in June. I mean, in July.

I see you tomorrow, I mean, Saturday. Bye.

See you on Saturday!

I’m going to Toronto next week, I mean, in two weeks.

Have a great trip!

I’m 31 years old, I mean, 32 years old.

We were on 6 march 2019, I mean 7 march

I am going to study English in USA, I mean in UK.

I like, I mean love!

I need to go to the club, I mean school 

I didn’t like this color, I mean this image. How can I change? 

Today is Wednesday, I mean Thursday – What a shame.

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