Eclipse solar ao vivo | Inglês Todos os Dias #235

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Eclipse solar ao vivo | Inglês Todos os Dias #235

Daqui a pouco, vou assistir a cobertura ao vivo da NASA da eclipse solar total nos Estados Unidos. Vamos então conversar sobre a palavra 'ao vivo' em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje. Vou deixar o link para a transmissão ao vivo aqui abaixo também.

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Here in about an hour, I'm going to watch NASA's live coverage of the total solar eclipse in the United States.
here in about one/an hour
live broadcast


NASA's Eclipse Live Stream:


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Vamos praticar a expressão de hoje setor de comentários abaixo. Complete a frase:

I saw/watched ________________ live.

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40 comments “Eclipse solar ao vivo | Inglês Todos os Dias #235”

I watched in my work.


Yes, I watched a little

I saw NASA’s live too.

Interesting; huh?

I did not watch NASA’s live coverage of the total solar eclipse because I read this news too late. I’ll wait it in Youtube.

Yes, lots of different Youtube channels showed it, too.

I’m going to watch the highlights of the total solar eclipse on youtube because I don’t have much time

Good idea!

I saw the match of soccer live.

Cool! In what stadium?

I missed the live event but now I can see it on youtube.

True. There are lots of cool recordings on Youtube!

I watched a football game last week.

Who played?

Last week I saw meteor rain live with my family…..

Where were you?

Hello! I watched the Corinthians live game. 

Did they win or lose?

I didn´t watch the solar eclipse yesterday, because I was working.

You can watch it on Youtube now.

I watched the solar eclipe on tv, and it was not live !
Have Everyone a Wonderful Week !

Fantastic images!

I watched the whale show live in Orlando seaworld. It is a wonderful show.

I’ve seen a whale show once, but can’t remember where.

I saw live an eclipse in 1994.

Where did you see it?

i missed , but in some hours , i’m going to watch on youtube

I wonder when there will be an eclipse in Brazil.

I left my work earlier to follow the total solar eclipse from my town.

Really? Where do you live?

I did not see the live transmission and not after.

You can still see some neat footage on the Internet. Very cool!

I am so sad. I didn’t watch NASA live coverage of the total solar eclipse because I was working when its happened. But I going to see on Youtube site.

Good idea!

I’m living in Curitiba! Have a nice day my friend!

Thanks! Same to you!

I watched the match of tennis live.

Every Sunday afternoon I watch the soccer coverage by TV.

Cannot watched the live broadcast of the total solar eclipse in the United States.

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