Estou me candidatando a… | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #06

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Estou me candidatando a… | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #06

Estou me candidatando para o cargo de seu professor oficial de Phrasal Verbs! 😀  Para se dizer "candidatar a" em inglês é necessário conhecer mais um phrasal verb com a Letra R que vamos ensinar no mini-podcast de hoje, nesta semana antes do lançamento do nosso fascículo Phrasal Verbs com as Letras Q e R.





Esta dica faz parte do pacote "Phrasal Verbs com as Letras Q & R", CONFIRA AQUI!

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I am happy to announce that I am running for the office of your official Phrasal teacher.
run for
Mickey Mouse is running for mayor.
"So-and-so" is running for governor of São Paulo/mayor of Jundiaí.
ou PACOTES com 4 AQUI.



Let's practice the phrasal verb 'run for (office)' in the comments section below. 

___(name)____ is running for ____(office)____ .

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37 comments “Estou me candidatando a… | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #06”

As always great tips Tim, thanks for sharing knowledge with us. I’d like to know if you teaching english in private class by skype.

Thank you for your interest, Julio. Unfortunately, we don’t have any time available for Skype classes at the moment. I will save your e-mail and let you know if we ever open up online classes; OK? Thanks again!

I’m running for the opportunity to live abroad next year, this way I need to study more and more with your poadcast.

I didn’t know there was an office like that, but I hope you win! 😀

Rosana Portela is running for mayor of New Orleans!

Cool! Do you live there already? 😀

Miguei is running for my friend, but is importante cause a friend is family if I choice 

How can you win that election? 😀

João Doria is running for governor of São Paulo but I won’t vote for him.

He used to be a businessman; right?

So-an-so is running for Brazil presidency.

Lots of “so-and-so”‘s 😀

My neighbour is running for janitor of our the building.

Does he have your vote? 🙂

Roberto is running for mayor of Rio de Janeiro. 

That will be a tough job!

Amoedo is running for president.

Yes, with the Novo party, right?

I’m running for a runner in few months. For now, just thinking it and starting to walk.

In Portuguese, is it common to say: “Estou me candidatando a corredor”?

In Portuguese, is it common to say: “Estou me candidatando a corredor”?

Bolsonaro is running for Brazil presidency! He is always under pressure!

And he is going through a tough time in the hospital right now. I hope he is all right.

I´m 17!

Hi, Viviane! You are young and will be speaking English fluently very soon!

There is a lots peoples running for president of Brasil, I’d like 17 number win.

Yes, more than in U.S. elections. In the States, we only have two viable candidates.

Hi Tim ! The Podcast Phrasal Verb Letter R number 07 esta sem Som … Have a Great Week !

Snoopy is running for president!

He would make a good president! He already runs your house! haha

Tim, when I said I´m 17, I wanted to say I will vote for Bolsonaro, the brazilian Trump!(but not billionaire)lol.

My friend is running for mayor in my city.

I guess Viviane didn’t understand that the comments section is just for practicing the verb “to run for”…. with a phony candidate! (lol)

Lula can not run for presidency, because he is trapped.

Bolsonaro is running for mayor of Brazil! He´ll win.

Bolsonaro is running for Brazil presidency! He will win with lots of votes!First round!!!(is that correct, Tim?)

I read on CNN: Key Senators Manchin, Collins to vote yes on Kavanaugh. Why is not clear about the tense – to vote, and on Kavanaugh insteade for. Could you explain, please?

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