Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales – Part 3 – Season’s Greetings from Sally

Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales – Part 3 – Season’s Greetings from Sally

In this third installment, Sally decides to give everyone paper airplanes for Christmas and she discovers that "Samantha Claus" is actually "Santa Claus". Later, she decides to "fall down" a tree for Christmas. Watch what happens (and learn lots of interesting English expressions) below!

Nesta terceira parte, a Sally decide dar aviões de papel para todo mundo mundo como presente de natal e ele descobre que "Papai Noela" é, de fato, "Papai Noel". Mais tarde, ela decide "cair" uma árvore de natal. Assista e veja o que acontece (e aprenda muitas expressões interessantes em inglês) abaixo.

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FILL IN THE BLANKS (then see script with explanations below).

Lucy: We’re having a Christmas show at our skating club this year. I’ll _________   I could be in it if I had someone to skate with.
But I need a partner who’s ______________ and graceful.
Get _____ from me, you stupid Beagle!
Shroder, how ________ you ________ to be my partner in the skating show?
Shroder: Forget it! We hockey players wouldn’t be caught ________  in a pair of those tippy toe skates.
Lucy: And a Merry Christmas to you, too!
Why don’t you ________ where you’re going? Look, Beagle, there isn’t enough ________ for both of us on this pond. Arghhh!!! Go home!!!

Sally: There’s a _____________ cap coming up the street.
Here’s the ________ . Your dog’s all ready to leave.
Charlie Brown: I wish he could walk there by himself! It’s so embarrassing!

Lucy: Where are you going?
Rerun: Santa Claus is down at the ________  . I have a few questions to ask him.
So, Mr. Fancy Claus, remember me? My name is Rerun. What happened to all the things you were gonna bring me for Christmas last year? Kinda forgot, didn’t ya, huh? I don’t ___________  you’d care to explain, would ya, huh?
Snoopy: Ahhhhh!!!!

Lucy: How did it ______?
Rerun: We really didn’t talk that much. He seemed pretty ________ .

Lucy: I don’t know, Linus. To me, ‘Oh, Susannah’ just doesn’t sound very _____________ .

Snoopy: Arghhhh!!!
Charlie Brown: Maybe if you smile and show some ________   ________ , that cat next door will be nicer. Maybe you could ________  a Christmas tree.



Sally: This year, I’m going to make all my Christmas presents. Guess what I’m getting everybody: Paper airplanes! You’re lucky! You got yours early.

  • guess what i'm getting everybody = adivinha o que vou comprar (pegar) para todo o mundo
  • paper airplanes = avioões de papel
  • you're lucky = você é sortudo
  • you got yours early = você recebeu o seu adiantado

(writing) “Dear Samantha Claus, How have you been?”

  • how have you been? = como você está?; como você tem passado?

Charlie Brown: Samantha Claus?
Sally: She’s the fat lady with the reindeer who brings us Christmas presents.

  • fat lady = mulher gorda
  • reindeer = renas
  • who brings us Christmas presents = que nos traz presentes de natal

Charlie Brown: With the red suit? And the white beard?

  • suit = terno, roupa
  • beard = barba

Sally: The white beard is just sort of a disguise.

  • sort of = 'meio que'; mais ou menos
  • disguise = disfarce

Charlie Brown: Very clever!

  • clever =inteligente, esperto, engenhoso

Sally: How would it be if I asked her to bring you a new bicycle?

  • how would it be if... = que tal se...

Charlie Brown: Why not?
Sally: Please bring my brother a new bicycle.
Charlie Brown: Does Samantha Claus go ‘Ho, ho, ho!’? Or does she just smile daintily?

  • does Samantha Claus go 'Ho, ho, ho"? = a Samantha Claus diz 'Ho, ho, ho"?
  • smile daintily = sorri delicadamente

Sally: Forget the bicycle!

  • forget = esqueça

Sally: I should have known!

  • i should have known = eu deveria ter sabido

Charlie Brown: Should have known what?
Sally: Why didn’t you tell me?
Charlie Brown: Tell you what?
Sally: There is no Samantha Claus. The kids at school all laughed at me. Why didn’t you tell me? Samantha Claus… Santa Claus. They sound alike. How was I to know? I made a complete fool of myself. I’m ruined for life. I have nothing to live for. You’re not listening to me. What are you doing with that stupid box?

  • there is no Samantha Claus = não existe nenhuma Samantha Claus
  • the kids at school all laughed at me = as crianças na escola todos riram de mim
  • why didn't you tell me? = por que você não me disse?
  • they sound alike = eles tem o mesmo som
  • how was i to know? = como eu saberia?
  • i made a complete fool of myself = eu fiz papel de idiota; eu dei/passei o maior vexame
  • i'm ruined for life = minha vida nunca mais será a mesma; estou arruinada
  • i have nothing to live for = não tenho mais razão de viver
  • you're not listening to me = você não está me escutando

Charlie Brown: Wrapping your Christmas present.

  • wrapping = embrulhando

Sally: This has always been my favorite time of year.

  • this has always been my favorite time of year = esta sempre foi a minha época favorita do ano

Sally: I’m addressing Christmas cards. Aren’t they cute? Each one has a little bunny on it dressed up like a shepherd. Don’t say I’m not religious!

  • address = endereçar
  • cute = bonitinhos
  • little bunny = coelhinho
  • dressed up like a shepherd = vestido de pastor
  • don't say i'm not religious = não diga que não sou religiosa

Linus: There were three wise men, see! They came from the East. And they were looking for Bethlehem. You know how they found it? They followed a star.

  • there were = havia
  • three wise men = três magos
  • the East = do Oriente
  • looking for = procurando
  • Bethlehem = Belém
  • they followed a star = seguiram uma estrela

Sally: Who was the star?

  • who was the star? = quem era a estrela?

Sally: I’m going out to fall down a Christmas tree.

  • fall down = cair

Charlie Brown: You mean cut down one.

  • you mean = você quer dizer
  • cut down = cortar

Sally: I don’t know how to cut down a Christmas tree. When I look at it, I hope it’ll just fall down.

  • i don't know how to cut down a Christmas tree = não sei cortar uma árvore de ntal
  • when i look at it = quando olhar para ela
  • i hope it will just fall down = espero que simplesmente caia

Boy: Hey, kid, what are you doing in our yard? You weren’t thinking of cutting that tree down, were ya?

  • yard = quintal
  • you weren't thinking of ____, were you [ya]? = você não estava pensando em ______, estava?

Sally: I don’t know how to cut a tree down. What if it just falls down?

  • what if... = e se...

Boy: Ha! If it falls down, you can have it.

  • if it fall down, you can have it = se cair (sozinho), você poderá ficar com ela

Sally: I’ll take it!

  • i'll take it = vou levar

Boy: Hey, kid. You got a sister or something… with yellow hair? She stole a Christmas tree from our yard.

  • you('ve) got a sister = você tem uma irmã
  • or something = ou algo assim
  • with yellow hair = com cabelo loiro
  • she stole a Christmas tree = ela roubou uma árvore de natal

Sally: I didn’t steal it. He said if it fell over, I could have it. When I looked at it, it fell over. It was a Christmas miracle. What are you standing on our porch for? Go home!

  • i didn't steal it = não roubei
  • miracle = milagre
  • what are you standing on our porch for? = por que você está (de pé) na nossa varanda?; o que você está fazendo na nossa varanda?
  • go home = vá para casa

Boy: I want our tree back.

  • i want our tree back = quero nossa árvore de volta

Sally: You said if it fell over, I could have it. Now get off our porch or I’ll call the dog.

  • get off our porch = saia da nossa varanda
  • i'll call the dog = vou chamar o cachorro

Sally: I can’t sleep, big brother. Do you think I should give the tree back to that ugly kid?

  • i can't sleep = não consigo dormir
  • do you think i should give the tree back = você acha que eu deveria devolver a árvore
  • ugly kid = garoto feio

Charlie Brown: Why? Are you starting to feel guilty?

  • feel guilty = sentir-se culpada; ter um sentimento de culpa

Sally: No! He said I could have the tree if it fell over. I don’t feel guilty at all.

  • i don't feel guilty at all = não me sinto culpada nem um pouquinho

Charlie Brown: Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

  • Christmas Eve = véspera da natal

Sally: Now I really feel guilty.
Hi. We brought your tree back.

  • we brought your tree back = trouxemos de volta a sua árvore

Boy: No, keep it. I was wrong. It’s yours. I said if it fell over, it was yours. Keep it.

  • keep it = fique com ela
  • it's yours = é sua

Sally: Really? Thank you. And Merry Christmas. Sorry, Snoopy. You’ll have to decorate it all over again.

  • all over again = tudo de novo

Charlie Brown: Grandma says, when she was little, she used to hang up her stocking on Christmas Eve. Then, when Christmas morning came, she’d run downstairs and find it filled with apples and oranges.

  • grandma = vovó
  • when she was little = quando era pequenina
  • she used to hang up her stocking = ela pendurava a sua meia
  • when christmas morning came = quando a manhã de natal chegava
  • she would run downstairs = ela descia as escadas correndo; ela corria até o andar debaixo
  • and find it = e a encontrava
  • filled with apples and oranges = cheia de maças e laranjas

Sally: I can see it now…. Three grapes.

  • i can see it now = posso vê-lo agora
  • three grapes = três uvas

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