Thanksgiving é comemorado/realizado… | Inglês Todos os Dias #260

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Thanksgiving é comemorado/realizado… | Inglês Todos os Dias #260

Thanksgiving é comemorado na quarta quinta-feira de novembro. Vamos aprender a dizer comemorado/realizado em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje!

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Thanksgiving day is always held on the fourth Thursday of November.
Thanksgiving day
Give thanks
Hold my cell phone.
Hold the baby.
Hold my hand.
hold – held - held
Thanksgiving Day is always held on the fourth Thursday in/of November.
We are going to hold a conference in SP.
The conference will be held at the Plaza Hotel.
The ceremony was held to mark the occasion.
We held a party to honor our boss.
In Brazil, ­­­____________ is held on _____________.


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Complete a seguinte frase no setor de comentários abaixo. 

In Brazil, ­­­____________ is held on _____________.

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34 comments “Thanksgiving é comemorado/realizado… | Inglês Todos os Dias #260”

In Brazil, Páscoa is held in Abril.

😎 b

In Brazil, Christmas is held in December.

My favorite holiday!

In Brazil, mother’s day is held on the second weekend of May.

😎 b

I Brazil, the independency day is held on the seventh of september.

😎 b

In Brazil, ­­­the New Years Day is held on the first day of January.

😎 b

In Brazil, Children’s Day is held on 12th October.

😎 b

My birthday was held in June 26th, it isn’t a holiday but it’s a important day. 

Tim, I have a doubt…  In your sentence, thanksgiving day is HELD on fourth Thursday in November… Could be HOLD instead of HELD.

Hello, Denilson. You need to use the past participle “held” because you are saying “é comemorado”, not “é comemorar”.

In Brazil, Carnaval is held in February.

How long does it last?

In Brazil, Children day is held on 12th October!

Is that your favorite holiday? 😀

In Brazil, Republic Proclamation Day is held on 15th November. Tim, your podcast and website are awesome! I’m a big fan of yours. Would you mind explaining the different meanings of fancy, for instance, “fancy yourself..” , “fancy dress”? I have some difficulties using “I was wondering” x “I wonder” as well. Furthermore, a few months ago I was talking to an american workmate from Texas and asked him: “How’s it going?”. He started explaining the problems he was having with the equipment, but actually I was trying to ask him how was he doing. Should I have asked it in another way? Thanks again for the great job, Tim. Have a great day!

Hello, Guilherme! Thank you for your words. You have to remember that every word has a context (“fancy”, a formal way of saying “imagine”, and “fancy”, another way of saying “chic”.) The same thing goes for the phrase “How’s it going”. It can mean “How are thing?”, or it can literally mean “How is the work (on the equipment) going?” It all depends on the context. He probably thought you were asking about the work he was doing on the equipment.

In my city, kings day is held on sixth in january.

What do you do on this day?

In Brazil, indepence day is held on September.

Yes, and in the States, Independence Day is on July 4th.

In Brazil, independe day on held 7th of September.

An important date!

In Brazil, Thanksgiving Day isn’t held on the fourth Thursday of November. It isn’t a Brazilian Holliday.

I wish it were.

In brazil, independence is held on september seventh

Good holiday! Independence or death!

On November we too held a celebration of peace and friendship as Thanksgiving. Is the Black Awareness Day or Black Consciousness Day always held on November 20th day.

yesterday, my family and I, held our get together for Christmas! It was a nice moment!

When you say in your podcast that : The conference will be held
This sentence is wrong, because I think the right way is : The conference will be holding
Am I wrong?

In Brazil, Carnaval is held in February.

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