Inglês Todos os Dias #76: Como dizer ‘dar conta’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #76: Como dizer ‘dar conta’ em inglês


No mini-podcast de hoje, o Tim irá explicar por que só podemos inicialmente dar conta de 50 pessoas no nosso curso Present Perfect em 14 dias e ensiná-lo a dizer 'dar conta' em inglês. Uma pergunta: Você dá conta de 5 minutos por dia para dominar o Present Perfect em 14 dias?


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

Can you handle 5 minutes of English a day?

That's what it will take (to learn the Present Perfect).

I can handle a gun. / I don't/can't handle money very well.

You can handle (something).

Don't worry. I can handle it!

Can you handle all this pressure on your own?

We can handle 50 students.

He handled the situation very well.

Can you handle the task today?


Tarefas de hoje:

1. Adquira o Inglês Todos os Dias ESPECIAL: Present Perfect em 14 Dias:


2. Complete a frase (no setor de comentários abaixo):

I can handle _______________________ .

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49 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #76: Como dizer ‘dar conta’ em inglês”

I can handle 5 minutes english a day! In fact, every day I visit your web site and spend at least half hour.

Wow! That’s great, Paulo! You’ll go far with that attitude”

I can handle 1 hour english a day. I listen to your podcasts every day.

Good for you, Rodrigo! Keep up the good work!

I can handle listening new lessons like that everyday…

Glad to hear that, Marcos! 🙂

I can handle that task easily!

Good for you, Fabian! Go for it! 🙂

i  can handle 10 minutes a day, studying English, visiting your site every day

That’s better yet! 🙂

After work, when I get home, I do housework and I study at least 15 minutes English every day. This is a little hard, but I can handle it. 

It’s correct, Tim? 


Yes, that’s correct, Lidi! Great job! And keep up the good work!

Present Perfect is a new challenge for me to learn English, but I can handle it!
I love new challenges! The more, the merrier!
(Na verdade, eu queria falar – “Quanto mais desafios para mim, melhor!” – Mas, acho que iria ficar errado)

Thanks a lot Tim!
Have a nice afternoon!

Best wishes on the new challenge, Emerson! I am sure you will master the present perfect!

About your last sentence, you might say: “The more challenges I have/face, the better (I get)!” 🙂

Thank you so much!
I’ll struggle to learn this!

I’m sure you’ll learn it, Emerson!

I can handle Present Perfect in 14 days! Learning English is awesome (or amazing?!? – Can you handle with my question?)! And it gets much better with I would love to be among the fifty to enter the class. Present Perfect purchased!

You’re already in, Maikon! Thank you so much for your interest! I hope you can master the Present Perfect with us!

I wonder if ican handle learning english fluently someday!rsrsrs

Of course you can, Jorge!

I am very happy because I already bought the 14 lessons of the present perfect and I’m sure I can handle our daily podcasts, plus these new lessons.

That’s great, Marilene! See you in the Present Perfect forum!

I was worried if I could handle minipodcasts from Inglês Todos Os Dias and Present Perfect em 14 dias, but I have managed to do it.

Good for you, José Luiz! Keep up the good work!

I can handle the coding of a website

Then you can handle these English lessons very easily, Luan! Coding is not for the faint of heart! 🙂

I can handle 01 hour a day! I really like the podcasts, thank you very much for your dedication. 

Wow, Aline! That’s great! So glad you enjoy the podcasts!

Well, I can handle a lot of hours. I’m really interested in improving my english skills. Sometimes I think it’s getting “rusty”. 

Than you for your dedication. My work mate introduce me your website these days and now I’m really into it.

God bless you!

That’s great, Doug! Please tell your workmate thank you for the recommendation!

Hi, Tim…

I can Handle 5 minutes of englisha day.

Thank you.

Good for you, Vicente! Good luck with your studies!

Hey Tim! How are things? I can surely Handle studying english at least five minutes a day cause I really LOVE it! As a matter of fact, I usually spend at least an hour everyday doing it.  Tim, I have a different (Biblical) question today: Why is “Tiago” called “James” in King James Bible version? Thank you so much! God bless you a lot. 🙂

Hello, Genteleman! “James” is just a way that the greek Iákōbos ended up being pronounced in English from Old French. You can read about it here: link ==> <== link

I can handle 10 childrens together

Wow, Graziela! Are those your students or offspring? 🙂

They are my students!  I don’t have offspring yet.

hehe I was impressed! 😀

Thank you Tim for your reply; See you!  Abraço. 🙂

Hi Tim…

I can Handle money Very well.

You should teach me some lessons! 🙂

“You can’t handle the truth!” from the film “A few good men”:

A good translation for that might be “você não consegue lidar com a verdade”.

I can handle 3 hours a day studying english.

Wow! You are really determined to master the English language!

hi Tim,

i can handle my hard job today !

Great, Fran! Good luck at work!

son con los que la postura la mayoría de nosotros que están

estresante. Como usted sin duda sabe que hay

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