Inglês Todos os Dias #31: Peguei uma gripe

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Inglês Todos os Dias #31: Peguei uma gripe

O mini-podcast de hoje saiu mais tarde do que o costume. É porque peguei uma gripe. Mas não tem problema! Vou aproveitar para ensinar um phrasal verb para se dizer "peguei uma gripe" em inglês.






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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I came down with the flu/a cold over the weekend.
I think I am coming down with a cold.

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14 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #31: Peguei uma gripe”

Hi my friend, I sorry hear that but I hope you get well soon. 
Take Care.
“I love your Podcast, I’m learning a lot with you.”
Thanks so much.

Thank you, Alexis! I’m feeling a lot better already.

Hi Tim;
i hope you’are Ok as soon as possible!
a question :
May I say : I catch a cold ? and what’s the difference?
have a nice holiday

Yes, Lucia, that is another way of saying it:
– I caught a cold. (or)
– I came down with a cold.

Hi Tim, I hope you get better when you see my comment!
I am from Jundiaí too and I figure out your site a few days ago and I am enjoy a lot, so my doubt is I can change “I came down with the flu” to “I got the flu”?
Sorry about my mistakes and have a nice holiday.

Thank you for the get-well wishes, Adriana. Yes, you can use “get”, or “catch”, or “come down with”. Take a look at this example from a website where all three verbs are used:

*Flu Season Is October to May*
If you get the flu, you’ll have lots of company. Each year from October to May, millions of people all across the United States come down with the flu. Kids get the flu most often. But people in every age group — including teens — can catch it.
Site: http:// html

Hello Tim,

u know

flu just has to run its course, so hang in there…Im sure u should be raring to go soon , sometimes It takes a while to bounce back . Dont get urself so antsy, k? just try to take it
easy for a while we all need to see u back in the pink soon.

Thanks, Marcos! I’ll pull through! 😉 And you’ve mastered lots of cool expressions to talk about illnesses, too! Great job!

Hi Tim . I hope you get better soon.

It is interesting you say that you really came down with the flu with fever.  You are right to explain that, by living in the US I’ve noticed that we ( over use) the word flu in Brazil, instead of saying I have a cold.  Once I had just a cold, but I said to an american I have the flu, this friend of mine stepped back and suggested me to rest and not to work, so I had to explain it was not a real flu, but just a cold.

You’re so right, Anderson! Oftentimes people in Brazil have told me they were “com gripe” and I interpreted it to mean that they were bedridden. Good point! Thank you for sharing it here!

Dear Teacher,
I hope you have recovered on holiday. See you next mini podcast.

I’m feeling much better today, Vera Abreu! Thank you for the get well wishes!

I took the vaccine not get came down with the flu.

Hi Teacher, this phrasal verb we only can use in cases of disease?

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