Inglês Todos os Dias #40: Mal posso esperar!

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Inglês Todos os Dias #40: Mal posso esperar!

Estamos nos Estados Unidos, e na semana que vem vamos estar perto de Williamsport, Pennsylvania, com família do lado do meu pai. Meu tio me escreveu dizendo que na quinta-feira da semana que vem teremos um piquenique com toda a família; e ele terminou dizendo, "Mal posso esperar!" (em inglês, é claro.) Como se diz "mal posso esperar em inglês"? Vamos descobrir no mini-podcast de hoje!


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

We can't wait!
I can't wait!
Are you looking forward to something?
I can't wait to read your comments!


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Complete the following sentence in the comments section below: I'm going to __(activity)__, and I can't wait!

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12 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #40: Mal posso esperar!”

I can´t wait to get another tip from you.
Have a great vacation!
See you.

Clauceni PInto.

Thank you, Clauceni! We had a great time! Now we’re back and ready to post some more tips.

I’m going to work, and I can’t wait!
Hehe… I’m just kidding!

I have a plan to living in USA, I don’t know yet if I going to living for few months or for a long time until I getting the Green Card… But, I can’t wait to go there!

Good luck for me! 🙂

Enjoy your trip Tim and… Can your family be my host family in USA? Hehe… I’m just kidding again! But, not that much! Hehe…

Sounds like interesting plans, Emerson! I hope everything works out well.

I can´t wait to go to Brazil to see my brother Celso who lives in Rio de Janeiro.

I look forward to seeing you here in Bolívar, Missouri. Stop by with your Family and let´s have a cup of coffee and cake.

Thank you, Maria Cristina! Wish we had time! 😉

Ican’t wait your return because I’m looking forward to know all about your trip!

Thank you, Marilene! We’re back now!

I can’t wait for your next tip! Meanwhile enjoy your trip and relatives!

Thank you, Irene! We had a wonderful time in the States and with family! And we’re back now.

What a beautiful family , Tim
I can ‘t wait for good  news about you trip
GOD bless you and your family

Thank you for your kind words, Lucia! I’ll soon have a new mini-podcast and share some things about the trip.

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