Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #02: As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #06

Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #02: As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #06

Aprenda a usar a palavra in como preposição, adjetivo e advérbio em inglês, e ouça o conselho do Tim sobre como dominar preposições.

Estamos aprendendo as 100 palavras mais usadas na lingua inglesa. De acordo com o livro The Reading Teachers Book of Lists, Third Edition as primeiras 25 palavras dessa lista representam aproximadamente um terço de todo o material escrito em inglês, e as cem que estamos aprendendo representam aproximadamente metade. Vamos aprender todas e estaremos bem encaminhados no domínio da língua inglesa.

Hoje vamos DOMINAR a sexta palavra: in


Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I dreamed about you.
Right now it is 11 o’clock in the morning.
I am in Jundiaí.
I came back to Brazil in 2001.
I’m going to the States in May.
Come in! (advérbio)
There’s a cup in the cupboard.
Long skirts are in at the moment.


Agora vamos praticar! Complete as seguintes frases:

It is __(time)___ in the morning/afternoon/evening right now.
I am in ___(city)___.
_(Type of clothing)__ is in at the moment.

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47 comments “Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #02: As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #06”

Hello Tim, amazing podcast!! 
According to  example(the last one) you mentioned  if someone want to express that something that suddenly becomes very popular, but for only a short time they have to use the preposition in.  
Your tip came, without a doubt , at the right time. Let me explain why!
I was talking to a friend today and I asked her(she’s an american) if would make sense to say: “Long dress are on the way in, according to fashion experts.”. She said she got confused about what was the real meaning behind of this expression and definitely it wouldn’t not fit well into that context aforementioned  at the beginning of my text.
My question is: is there an expression in English used in order to express: “estar na moda”?

Hello, Joilson! To say that long dresses are “na moda”, you could say:

– Long dresses are in style. (or)
– Long dresses are in.

To say that “long dresses are on the way in”, you are saying that they are *becoming* popular, they are “coming into style”.

It is 3:44pm in the afternoon right now. I’am at work now and in 5pm I going to my home to study some more english.

I am in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I hope, in the middle of next year, I´ll going to USA.

Leather jacket is in at the moment. But, does’t have it yet.

Is it right Tim? Please correct my wrong senteses. I know there are a lot of wrong phrases, but, “errando que se aprende”… How to say that expression in english?

When I should to use “at” instead to use “in”?

Thanks a lot!
Emerson (beginner English student)

Hello, Emerson! You used the word “in” correctly in all of your sentences. Congratulations! How about if I answer your question about “in/at” when we teach the word “at”? (It’s one of the 100! 🙂 )

Hello Tim!

Nice! I’m so happy because I use the word “in” correctly! I’m so happy and motivated!

Excelent idea! I’ll be eager to this day come!

Thanks a lot!

I hope you and your family have a great weekend!

Fantástic we can use IN to talk about things that are on fashion! That was a good tip, teacher! I’ve alread heard “come in” several times, but, how about “come on”, What does it mean? I’ve heard it in some movies too. Thank you for your attention.

Come on! = Vamos! (ou) Qual é! (dependendo do contexto)

Thank you for commenting, Marilene! I am glad you are enjoying the tips.

Hey Tim! I really like your daily tips. Thank you so much for them!
By the way, I’m a Brazilian girl and I also have these questions in my mind: Do I say “Feliz em ajudar”, “por ajudar” or “de ajudar”?

Haha…how they say, “come, join the fun!”

Have a great weekend!

See, Helen! That proves my point! Prepositions aren’t easy. And I though someone would come here and tell me the right way. Hahaha Maybe in this case, as in others, there is more than one option. Thank you for your comment. 


Thanks, Jean.

Dear Teacher!!
I love it your job.
Please never give up to continue help us.
Best Regards.
Vera Abreu.

I won’t, Vera! Thank you for your kind comment!

Today, April 23rd, 2015, is the first time I visit your website! I liked so much. I hope to keep enjoying and learning more English with your tips! Am I correct with my writing?
Regards, Alex

Welcome to our site, Alex! So glad you are here! And you did a great job with your writing!

Se eu dizer

There’s a cup of coffe in the cupboard.

Está errado?

Ou cup já significa xícara de café


Parabéns pelo trabalho

We usually say “coffee cup”, Juliano.

If you say “cup of coffee”, we will imagine there is coffee in it.

It is 4 o’ clock in the afternoon right now.
I am in Belo Horizonte.
Hockey shirts is in at the moment.

Thank you.

Good job, Juliano!

Comecei a ouvir recentemente e dou os parabéns ao professor. É um trabalho rebuscado e de grande valia para nós que estamos iniciando os estudos de inglês. Na verdade TIM, já viajei para a América e Europa sozinho e me virei, claro que cheio de restrições mas consegui fazer tudo que precisei no entanto percebo que meu aprendizado tem sido bem lento. Estou estudando há um ano praticamente todos os dias.
Grande abraço.

Bem vindo, Kirk! Espero que você possa aprender bastante conosco e realizar os seus alvos!


Obrigada por nos ajudar.

My pleasure, Ana Lúcia!

It is in the afternoon

I am in Cornélio Procópio.

Color skirts are in at moment. 

Good job, Robson! Thank you for participating!

It is 01 o’clock in the afeternnon.
I am in Spring Hill.
Striped dresses (vestidos de riscas assim e que se diz?) is at the moment. 

Thank you and have a nice day.

Hi, Tim!
I’m in Natal/RN. Right now It’s 9 o’clock in the morning.
I need your help!
Pois na maioria das vezes eu entendo a palavra escrita em inglês, porém quando estou no listening não compreendo bem e troco as palavras.

It is _16:58__ in the afternoon right now.
I am in Brasília.
_Tshort__ is in at the moment.

It is 10:24 am in the morning right now.
I am in Northville (MI).
Crop tops are in at the moment.

I am in Vila Velha to work.

Thank you, your podcasts is wonderful , I am learning a lot….

Excuse me , I’am Itapema,SC, Brazil… Beautiful beach land, they call the Esmeralda Coast ..

Right now it is 18:21 pm in the afternoon

Parabéns pelo o belo trabalho

It is 3:46 in the morning/afternoon/evening right now.
I am in Vestal/NY.
Hat is in at the moment.

Boa tarde, eu nao estou conseguindo mais escutar os áudios esta dando erros.. como posso fazer para escuta Los?

It’s one pm in the afternoon right now.
I’m in São Paulo.
White Shirts in at the moment.

It’s in the afternoon right now.
I am in Fortaleza.
Short jeans are in at the moment.

It is 9 in the morning right now and I study English here! I like s much this page and you Tim!
I am in Perth
Long Dress is in at the moment, I really not sure about that! 🙂

It is ten to five in the afternoon right now.
I am in Sao Paulo.
Cropped is in at the moment.

Today when at 7o’clock in the morning, a think that I forgot the pen at home. But the pen was in to bag. My  leader forgot the verbet in to car. Next year l’ll live in korea

It’s eigth o’clock in the morning right now.

I’m in Rio de Janeiro.

Scarf is in at the moment.

Hello Tim!
See ansewrs below.

It is 8 o´clock in the morning right now.
I am in New York City.
Nordic design is in at the moment.

It is 6:00 o’clock in the evening right now.
I am in Minas Gerais.
T-shirts are in at the moment.

Good job with your sentences!

It is 1:15 in the afternoon right now.
I am in São Paulo.
Muscle shirt is in at the moment.

Thanks Tim.

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