Inglês Todos os Dias #171: Cortar / Fechar um veículo em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #171: Cortar / Fechar um veículo em inglês

Existem vários significados do phrasal verb cut off em inglês - alguns não muito agradáveis. Por exemplo, usamos esse phrasal verb para dizermos que fomos cortados ou fechados por um outro veículo. E tem outro significado um pouco "macábro". 🙂  Vamos conversar um pouco sobre esse phrasal verb cut off no mini-podcast de hoje.




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A crazy trucker cut me off on Anhanguera and drove me off the rode. I'm serious, this really happened.
cut off
cut - cut - cut
I cut the turkey
I cut my finger yesterday
cut out, cut off, cut down, cut up
I cut off my fingers.
I cut my fingers off.
He cut his head off.
I cut off the fat.
drove me off
The trucker cut me off and drove me off the rode.
on purpose
I was cut off. / I got cut off.
I was cut off by an Opala on Sunday.
cut my father off
I hope you are not cut off by anyone today.





Let's practice the phrasal verb 'cut off' in the comments section below. Complete the sentence.

I was/got cut off by a __________ . / A _________ cut me off...


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20 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #171: Cortar / Fechar um veículo em inglês”

I got cut off by a big black cat today. It drove me off the sidewalk.

Spooky! 😀

Hi Tim, you’ve said “cut = cortar”, and what about the verb “to tear”, is that “rasgar”… “to tear or torn something??”. thank you once again. Rafael Bezerra

That’s correct, Rafael!

My wife was driving my car when suddenly was cut off by a motorcycle, happily nobody had a hurt

Is it correct????

Just a little correction: Nobody was hurt.

Good job! Glad your wife is OK!

I don’t like when someone cut me off.

Neither do I.

Por esses novos podcats não estão no seu app para Android???

Estão. Procure “Inglês Todos os Dias” em qualquer app de podcast.

hi Tim! Road rage in Anhanguera… Bandeirantes, but take it in stride.

You’re probably right. How dangerous!

The car cut my mom off in the street , that car’s ownver acts like a chicken with its head cut off. Thanks, Tim. Now it’s clearer.

Great, Ariol! There is still another meaning we didn’t talk about.

I was cut off by a bus yesterday in the afternoon!!

I got cut off by a biker yesterday. I got ticked off because of that, but I don’t cut off my nose to spite my face and I went to my girlfriend’s house.

I hope that sentence is correct.

Thanks Tim! Take care and, please, keep’em coming these idioms!

i cut off myself, Is that a paradox?

I was cut off by a motorcycle three days ago

Excelente as dicas do site! Não estás publicando em 2018?

Estamos, Debora. Veja a primeira página.

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