Derrubar algo da mesa | Inglês Todos os Dias #335

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Derrubar algo da mesa | Inglês Todos os Dias #335

O Beagle dos meus filhos derrubou o meu HD externo da mesa - e o quebrou! 🙁 Tive que gastar uma nota para resgatar os dados depois! 🙁 Mas, até nestes momentos difíceis, penso em você 🙂 e vou lhe ensinar a dizer "derrubar alguma coisa da mesa" em inglês.

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Our beagle knocked my external hard drive off my desk.
Oops! I dropped the box.
I spilled the milk.
knock on the door
I knocked on the door.
I knocked over the my cup.
I knocked my cup over, and spilled the milk.
Our dog/beagle knocked my external HD off the table.
She belongs to my sons/boys.
I knocked ____________ off the table.
Come on! Knock it off!





Complete the following sentence in the comments section below. 

I knocked __________ off the table.

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34 comments “Derrubar algo da mesa | Inglês Todos os Dias #335”

I knocked my cup off tea off the table.

Better wipe it off with paper towels.

We knocked our camera off the table!

Oh, no! I hope you’re joking!

Yes, we are!

Phew! 😉

Fake news knocked Brazilian democracy off in the hole.

It’s important for all of us not to spread fake news!

I knocked my sunglass off the table 🙁

I hope they didn’t brake.

I knocked my plate off the table

Was there food on it?

knocked my telephone off the table.

I hope it didn’t break!

I knocked my mouse off the table.

Did it break?

My wife running into the kitchen and hit the table knocking over the cup spilling all milk on the floor.

She was a little clumsy! 😀

i knocked my notebook off the table.

Uh-oh! Is it still working?

eu tirei meu cachorro da mesa

I hope you didn’t knock him off the table. 🙂

I knocked my cell phone off my desk and it broke

Oh, no! I hope you can get it fixed!

I knocked my mobile off the table. 

I hope it didn’t break.

I knocked my cup off the table but it’s not broken.

That was lucky!

I knocked my pencil off the table.

I hope the tip didn’t break.

Hi Tim. I knocked my gun off the table. Luckly, it’s still working.

Hopefully it wasn’t loaded! :-O

I knocked my book off the table.

Was it your English book?

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