Diferença entre ‘run into’ e ‘come across’ | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #11

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Diferença entre ‘run into’ e ‘come across’ | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #11

Ontem ensinamos os phrasal verbs 'run into' e 'bump into' para se dizer que você encontrou alguém por acaso. Mas e o phrasal verb 'come across'? Tem o mesmo significado? Vamos rever isso no mini-podcast de hoje.

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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I came across an interesting tip while browsing through your site.
QUESTION FROM LISTENER: Tim, what about the phrasal verb “come across”? Can it be used in the same situations?


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5 comments “Diferença entre ‘run into’ e ‘come across’ | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #11”

I ram into a Romulo, my old friend last week. Than I come across a new word while I was reading an article.

Good job!

Hi Timmy,

I was on vacation in Berlin and suddenly I run into my nephew in the street. What a surprise!

Yesterday, I while throwing away some old stuffs at home I came across my daughter kindergarten paper of Mom’s Day. I got very touching! Memories from the past rekindled. Time goes by….

I ran into a old friend at the beach.

Normally I run into some relatives when I’m in my family house, days ago cleaning the house of my parents,  I come across some toys from I was a baby 

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