Inglês Todos os Dias #122: Encontrei um velho amigo. | Diferença entre RUN INTO e COME ACROSS

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Inglês Todos os Dias #122: Encontrei um velho amigo. | Diferença entre RUN INTO e COME ACROSS

Encontrei um velho amigo (por acaso) no centro ontem. Para dizer isso em inglês, devo usar o phrasal verb run into ou come across - ou os dois? Vamos falar sobre a diferença (e semelhança) entre os phrasal verbs run into e come across no mini-podcast de hoje.


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I ran into an old classmate downtown yesterday.

came across

run into

run / ran

I ran into a pole.

I ran into an old friend downtown.

I ran into a wall.

I came across a babybook.

I came across this word.

I ran into a friend at the mall.





Let's practice! Complete the sentence (in the comments section below):

ran into ____(friend/acquaintance)____ at ___(place)____ .

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37 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #122: Encontrei um velho amigo. | Diferença entre RUN INTO e COME ACROSS”

I was walking in the mall and suddenly ran into a sister of my wife, we went have a coffee and came across a wallet in the floor….

Wow! Lucky day!

Guess what! I’ve just ran into my ex at the Mall!
I was cleaning my wardrobe when I came across old photos of my parents. It made me very happy! TEACHER, could you tell me what’s the difference between “run into and meet someone by chance”?  

They basically mean the same thing, but “run into” is more idiomatic.

I ran into a friend at the subway yesterday.

Always good to see a friendly face in the subway.

Why just “downtown” and no “in downtown” ?

I am not sure, but it is always like that: “go downtown”, “see someone downtown”. Maybe it’s because downtown begins with a preposition “down”? Or maybe because it’s so common, similar to the word “home” in “go home”. 

I was going to gym when I ran into my husband .

Did you both decide to exercise together?

Oh no, I went alone.


I ran into an old friend at the restaurant.

Great! Did you eat together?

I remember running into my friend’s husband and his mistress leaving together a restaurant. 

Tim, I have two questions about my sentence: (1) Is it necessary and correct to use “together”?;
(2) Can I say “…GETTING OUT OF a restaurant?

Thanks a lot!

Hello Dié. Yes, that is correct to say “together”, and “leaving” is more common in this situation. What an awkward situation!

A few weeks ago, I was running at Ibirapuera Park and, suddenly, I ran into a class mate from my time in University. Important to say that since our graduation, 23 years ago, we didn’t see again each other.

So nice to run into old friends!

I was going downtown with my sister when ran into our friends.

Always nice to run into some friends.


Is correct to say: Did you guys run into any road blocks?

Yes, that’s actually a common expression.

Last weekend My wife and I ran into a little excellent restaurant in our trip.
Saulo – Beginner.

It’s always enjoyable to find a nice little place to eat when we’re traveling. 

I ran into an ex-girlfriend in the mall. Luckily I was alone because if I was with my girlfriend, perhaps a trouble will happen… Hehehe.

Phew! 🙂

Hehehe… but, what exactly “phew” means?

Ufa! (alívio) 🙂

Thanks a por Tim!

🙂 b

I ran into an ex -student in club last week

I ran into a professor University downtown yesterday.  

Did he recognize you?

I ran into my mather at university today.

What was she doing there?

When I was going to my English course I ran into my ex girlfriend.

When I went out yesterday with my wife I came across a book in the Street.

I ran into my judo friend yesterday in a city party.

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