Inglês Todos os Dias #54: So vs Such em Inglês – aprenda a diferença! | You are so smart!

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Inglês Todos os Dias #54: So vs Such em Inglês – aprenda a diferença! | You are so smart!

You are such a good student that I am sure you will learn today's lesson! Aprenda a diferença entre so e such no mini-podcast de hoje! It's so easy!



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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

You are so smart that I am sure you will learn today’s lesson.

You are so smart.

You are such a smart student!

This cake is so good!

You are such a good student!

You are so good!

You are so kind!

You are such a kind person!

You are such a good person!

Today is such a beautiful day! It’s a great day to practice our sentences on the site!

It’s so important to practice!


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"O seu método nos coloca num ambiente muito similar com o de um pais de lingua inglesa! "
~ Viviane, Canadá


Now it's your turn! Please write a sentence with so or such in the comments section below.

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30 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #54: So vs Such em Inglês – aprenda a diferença! | You are so smart!”

Hey there Tim, what’s up? I’m so grateful for having such a great English teacher like you. Thank you!  Best regards.   🙂

And you are such a good student! Thank you for participating here! Great job!

You are so beautiful.
you are such a beatiful girl.

This is so big.
This is such a big car.

Perfect, Karina! Thank you for your participation!

He is running so fast!
He is such a fast runner.

Great sentences, Isabela! Keep up the good work!

Hello, Tim! How are you?

You are such a good teacher! You teached me the differences between “so” and “such”.

I’m feeling so smart now. #SaidNoOneEver  :[]

By for now!

I’m so glad you learned the difference, Emerson! Great job with your sentences!

I’m so happy to learn this lesson.
I’m such a happy woman.

It’s so good to see you happy like this! You did such a great job with your sentences!

My children are so beautiful.
My children are such beautiful kids.

I’m sure they are, Rosane! Thank you for your sentences!

Hi Tim,

Can I say: “Today is such a beautiful sunny day! Last weeks were so rainy, wet!” ?

You sure can, Irene! Great sentences!

Studying English is so good! Mainly if we have such a smart teacher.

You deserve an A+ for your sentences! Especially the second one! 🙂

You are such a good teacher that everyone can understand english so easy.
I´m really grateful for being your student.

And I’m grateful to have such a smart student!

Today is such a good day to play tennis. It’s not raining .

It’s a little cold; but you’ll warm up very soon while playing tennis.

You are such a good teacher Tim

Thank you, Jean!

Your lesson has been so helpful, but please, don’t translate while explaining, it could be better if you focus only on the English.

Thank you for your suggestion, Elton. I’ll be on the lookout for any other feedback like that. Right now, our intention is to teach different phrases and expression in English every day to everyone. Maybe we can have other “mini-podcasts” just in English.

Tim, The podcasts so important to improve my English. I always learn new things. This is possible because you are such a kind and special teacher.

Thank you for the kind words of encouragment, José Luiz! I really appreciate it!

Your voice sound so good on a podcast.
Plus you be a good teacher, you’re such a great speaker. 

Thanks! You flatter me! 🙂

You are so efficient.
You are such an efficient teacher.

Thanks, Katia! 🙂

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