Do the trick | Inglês Todos os Dias #216

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Do the trick | Inglês Todos os Dias #216

Na verdade, eu queria comprar packing cubes, mas os que achei no "Mercado Livre" will do the trick.

Vamos aprender o que significa a expressão do the trick em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje.

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I actually wanted packing cubes, but these should do the trick.
These will do the trick.
These should do the trick.
Add some more sure sugar, and that should do the trick.
Wow! This new paint brush really does the trick!
A: I only have these coins.
B: That will do the trick.
That will do the trick.
This bottle should do the trick.
If you want to learn new expressions in English, our site should do the trick! 🙂 

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Let's practice in the comments section below! Complete the sentence:

_____________ will/should do the trick.

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39 comments “Do the trick | Inglês Todos os Dias #216”

I don’t know what to write but this words should do the trick.

Yep! They did the trick, Robert! 😀

This site really does the trick!

I hope it does! 😀

This tips will do the trick!

It sure will! 😀

I wanted to use a walkie talkie in my trip like you but, I think my cell phone should do the trick!

Yes, that will work!

This little tool do the trick!

Yes, it will.

I was looking for a screwdriver, but I think this tool should do the trick.

Yes, it should.

I never read the instructions about this machine, but this component should do the trick.

Let’s hope you don’t blow up the machine! 😀

Meanwhile I don´t fell like being in a relationship, Tinder does the trick :p

Who’s Tinder? 😀

This book should do the trick!

Is it in English? 🙂

This old computer should to the trick.

Depends on what you want to do.

I do not have the proper tools at the moment, but these should to the trick.

Yes, they should.

With word you can easily do the trick.

Yes, it’s a very powerful tool.

I don’t have a BMW, but my old VW Gol is doing the trick for now.
Thanks, Tim.

I like VWs! 😀

Hi Tim!!
My english isn’t perfect but do the trick. I hope to improve my english, but for while it is doing the trick lol.

It sure is, Du! You’re doing great!

minipodcasts really does the trick

Thanks, Matheus!

The player soccer Thiago Santos will do the trick today in Bolivia.

Wish he had done even better. 🙁

I love this minipodcas, because that´s realy do the trick !

Glad to hear that! Thanks, Humberto! 😀

I wanted this new bike but it do the trick.

I wanted a cellphone new, but my old do the trick

If you want to be the best in english, go to the, really should to the trick!

I would read the new book of this writer, but yhe previuos will do the trick.

Is any usage in commum among to do the trick and to make do?

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