Inglês Todos os Dias #120: ‘Encontrar por acaso’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #120: ‘Encontrar por acaso’ em inglês

Quando você se deparar com o phrasal verb que vamos aprender no mini-podcast de hoje, você agora vai entendê-lo! E, por coincidência, o phrasal verb significa 'deparar-se com', 'encontrar (por acaso)''achar'. 🙂


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I came across your site while surfing the internet.
by accident
I was browsing the internet.
I was surfing the internet; and, by accident, I found your website.
come across
I came across a new word today.
I was reading a book, and I came across a new word.
I came across your site while searching the internet.
I came across an old picture of yours while I was cleaning /while cleaning my drawer.
I came across my old teacher in the mall yesterday.
Coby: Hey, gang! Look what I came across as I was cleaning up4 the garage for Dad.
Tim: What is it?
Coby: It’s a snowmobile.
Tim: Cool! Will we all get to ride that thing?




Let's practice!

Tell us about something (or someone) you came across recently.

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47 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #120: ‘Encontrar por acaso’ em inglês”

Hi Tim, stumbling upon new tips and ideas on English in your web site it is always a sure thing!

Yep! That’s another one! “Stumble upon”! 🙂

Hi Tim, my sister was cleaning the drawer in my room and came across all my secrets information.

Oh, no! You’d better hide it better next time! 🙂

I’ve came across my wallet that I said I had lost inlesson two of present perfect. Now I have money again.

So glad you found it, Josias!

Here’s the link to the Present Perfect lessons he is talking about: <== LINK

I came across my friends in shopping. 

Always great to run into friends!

I came across a Tim e-mail and i was happy with the daily dose of knowledge

It’s great to come across new information and knowledge!

Oi, conheci seu site ontem e baixei todos podcast (estou no 20) a maneira que o senhor explica é muito boa, espero aprender muito com você! Senhor se tiver poderia me enviar links de vocabulário, e me indicar livros simples de inglês (historias,contos e etc).

Welcome, Gabriel! For now, just try to learn the tips we give here and write them down (anote-os) in your notebook.

Hi tim, I was walking yesterday and ran into my friend.
Is it corect?

That’s correct. I will talk about this phrasal verb in our next mini-podcast.

I came across some money when I was cleaning my handbag.

How exciting!



I came across a word I’d never seen before.

Don’t forget to write it in your vocabulary notebook.

I came across this link on EXAME about your podcasts and found out, by accident, these nice hints on your site! 

I’m so glad you helped us! Welcome aboard!

I came across the “Bulletproof coffee” while surfing the internet. It’s a delicious drink 🙂

What is it exactly?

I came across my teacher on my lunch time…

Were you happy to see him or her?

I came across a lot of money yesterday. Hehe… I’m kidding!
We earn money with work, so, working hard!

Wouldn’t that be exciting! 🙂

Hi, Tim !
I came across your podcasts when I was trying a new mobile app called Castbox and I really liked them because your experience in Portuguese language makes them completely different than all the podcasts I had listened before. I’m recommending your podcasts and your website to all my friends who study english. Congrats !
I would like to take advantage of this opportunity and ask you a question about nationalities: What do you American guys consider to be the correct nationality for the people from USA ?
At the top of your website, it’s written: “uma família norte-americana no Brasil”. The problem is that the term “North American” makes me think of Canadian and Mexican citizens as well.
I know some people use only “American” but it’s is even more ambiguous because I think of all countries in american continent, including Brasil, of course.
In Portuguese, in spite of not being so common, we use to say “Estadounidense”.
Did you know that term ? What do you think about it ? Is there any different term for that ?
Sorry for my bad english.
Thanks in advance and have a great week !

Hello, Evaldo! Thank you for your comment and for recommending us to your friends! I really appreciate it!

To tell the truth, I prefer just “American”, because it is the United States of *AMERICA*, just like Brasil used to be called “Estados Unidos do Brasil”.

I came across my $100 in my pocket 

Wow! That’s exciting!

I came across a friend in the mall.

Always nice to bump into a friend!

Last week I was jogging beside the river and came across a small turtle.
Saulo – Beginner

Cute! 🙂

Hey Tim, I came across this cat by accident while I was hanging out. Do you wanna look after it???

No, thank you. You can keep it. 🙂

Since I came across your site, surfing the Internet years go, my English is improving a lot. Thanks for that !!!

It’s great to hear that, Laura! So glad you have stuck with us!

I was organizing files on my computer and I came across some photos of my ex-boyfriend and me. It made me sad.

That would be sad. Have you considered deleting them? Or are they still special to you?

I came across your website while searching the internet.

I came across a new phrasal verbs today in this podcast. The  phrasal verb is :Came Across.

I was reading a book and then came accross a note from an old friend.

y también ir (ir), aunque no son absolutamente necesarios

reconocer el desarrollo de rutinas de esta

Hi Tim…
I was taking a look at Apple Store when I come across your PodCasts. It was a really great discovery! Thank you for your excellent job!
Now I was listening to #119 #120 #122… there you teach us how to say “sem querer” in English,  by using “by accident” “come across” and “run into”.
I was wondering if “by chance” would express the same meaning of “by accident”? 

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