ESL Reality #1 – Wedding Preparations

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ESL Reality #1 – Wedding Preparations

Abigail is getting married in a few weeks. Her brother, Tim, met her for breakfast this morning and asked her about the preparations for the wedding.

A Abigail vai se casar daqui a algumas semanas. Seu irmão, Tim, a encontrou para o café da manhã hoje de manhã e a perguntou sobre os preparativos para o casamento.



Tim: How’s the wedding planning going?
Como vão os preparativos para o casamento?

Abigail: Things are well under way.
As coisas estão bem encaminhadas.

Tim: That's good.
Que bom.

Abigail: Yes, but there’s still a lot to do. Every day I have at least one big task I need to cross off my list.
Sim, mas ainda tem muito o que fazer. Todos os dias tenho pelo menos uma tarefa grande que preciso riscar da minha lista.

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16 comments “ESL Reality #1 – Wedding Preparations”

Excelente. É um diálogo real expressando as preocupações da situação.

Muito bom, como sempre é o material que vocês disponibilizam.
Clauceni Pinto.

Thank you for your nice feedback, Clauceni! I really appreciate it.

Awesome idea Tim!

And congrats to Abigail on her wedding!

Thank you, Fábio! Maybe we can add some dialogues with our friends at times. 😉 And thank you for the wedding wishes! I’ll be sure to pass them along to Abigail.

Great idea, thanks for share!

Thanks, Marcos! Glad you liked it.

Hi there !! How’s it going?
I just want you to know that I use a lot of your materials in my classes. I’m Brazilian, married to an American guy, and we both teach English here in Brazil.
You have a very useful website, thanks a bunch!!

Thank you so much for your kind words, Rosana! It’s great to hear that people like you and your husband use our material! Best wishes to you both – and to all your students!

Hi Tim. Awesome idea, I really enjoyed it, THANKS !!  Please send my congratulations to your sister Abigail, that’s a really important moment of someone’s life!!

PS: I also liked the expression you used to answer Fábio : “Pass something along” !!
I will certainly use it from now on!! 🙂

All the best!


Thank you so much for your nice comment, Anderson! It’s always great to see you here. All I’ll be glad to pass your congratulations along to Abigail, too! 😉

excellent,It´s very good.

Thank you, Marizete! So glad you liked it.

thank so much for your lessons, i’m learning a lot.

So glad to hear that, Ray! Thank you for commenting.

Very good! I enjoyed it very much. Please, give my congrats to Abigail.

I sure will, Mariza! Thank you very much!

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