Inglês Todos os Dias #121: ‘Eu peço desculpas’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #121: ‘Eu peço desculpas’ em inglês

Eu peço desculpas por não ter gravado mais mini-podcasts na semana passada, então vamos conversar sobre como dizer eu peço desculpas em inglês no podcast de hoje.


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I apologize for not recording more mini-podcasts last week.
We are back!
I apologize for my mistake.
She apologized for the mess.
under construction/under renovation
We apologize for the inconvenience/for any inconvenience.
We are sorry for any inconvenience.
I am sorry for...
I apologized to my wife for forgetting our wedding anniversary.
I apologized to the teacher for being late.
I don't want any excuse(s).




Let's practice! Tell us something you apologizes for recently.

I apologized to ____________ for _________________________ .

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52 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #121: ‘Eu peço desculpas’ em inglês”

My friend Tim Barrett
No worries, No problem, It’s okay”.
You’re not sorry, you’re in charge up here!
I apologize for the many questions.
Saulo – Beginner.

Thanks, Saulo! 😉

I apologize for no practing enough

You can always do better tomorrow! 🙂

I apologise to my girlfriend for not buying fast-food. I want she has healthy food. Hehehe…

She’ll thank you later! 🙂

I apologized to my mother for losing her earrings. :p

Maybe you could buy her another one. 🙂

I apologized to my mom for not visiting her last weekend. Sorry mommy!!! 

You’d better take her some flowers or a box of chocolates!

I have not to forgive you! I´m sure you always give the best in order to theach us. I apologize to you for not practicing more.

Thank you, Paulo! I forgive you since you practiced your vocabulary here! 🙂

I apologized to my client for being late yestarday. 

Did he or she accept your apology?

Yes, he did. My car battery ran down in the morning. I  managed the situation calling an uber fastly but…there was a hard traffic jam

All is well that ends well! 🙂

oh I need to apologize to my girlfriend for not calling to her on the day of my soccer game hihi.

If it is Palmeiras, you are forgiven! 😀

I apologized to Tim for eat acai pure everyday. Kkkk

No need to apologize – if you bring me some!

I must apologize to my mom for not having had time to call to her lately.

Uh-oh! Another member having to apologize to their mom! 🙂

I apologized to my teacher for forgetting to do my homework.

Next time a box of chocolates might help him or her forgive you. 🙂

i apologized to my friend for not going to his birthday party

A nice present might appease him. 🙂

I apologized for my written and spoken english. I’m learning. 

Is’t right?

You’re doing great, Jose Junior! No apologies needed!

I apologize to be behind with my english class. 

No problem. Just try to catch up! 🙂

I apologized to my wife for watch a lot of soccer games last Wednesday.

… By the way… I want to give for you a sugestion… Why don’t you record the podcasts 3 times a week? Could be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What do you think?

Sounds good, Philippe. Actually, we aim for Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday; but we don’t always manage to get it done. We also put out a “básico” one on odd days. (See “Inglês Básico Todos os Dias”).

I apologized to my sister for lying  for her

I hope she forgave you! 🙂

I apologized to Viviane for forgetting the notebook.

What was in the notebook? homework? 🙂

She using notebook for work.

I apologized to my wife, because I always have arrived late for lunch and she stays furious.

Try to be on time next time! 🙂

I apologize for not listen the new music of your band yet

Better listen to it soon before they become famous! 🙂

HI TEACHER, I apologize for staying out so long!

Welcome back!

I wanna apologize for not participating here much more.

No problem, Davi. Just participate here any time you can.

I apologize for teacher for being late

I apologize to my girlfriend for not remember of the test her. 

I apologize for speaking too much

I apologize for speaking too much

I apologized to my wife for being boring with her.

I apologized to my colleague for not answering her call because I was having French class on line. 

I apologize for the fight with my best friend!

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