Inglês Todos os Dias #173: Falta apenas um dia para as eleições nos Estados Unidos

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Inglês Todos os Dias #173: Falta apenas um dia para as eleições nos Estados Unidos

Falta apenas um dias para as eleições nos Estados Unidos! Vamos então aprender a dizer 'falta/faltam ____ dias para" em inglês. Dica: Usa-se a preposição away.

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The U.S presidential elections are just 2 days away!
The elections are tomorrow.
The electionsare  only 2 days away.
Christmas is 47 days away.
How many days are there until your birthday?
My birthday is 51 days away.
My birthday is only 51 days away.
There are only 51 days until my birthday.
We are only 2 days away from the elections.
I'm 10 days away from my trip.


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Let's practice in the comments section below! 

How many day are there until your birthday?

- My birthday is (only) ___________ days away.

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25 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #173: Falta apenas um dia para as eleições nos Estados Unidos”

I’m only seven days away from my day off

Yay! 😀

My birthday is 364 days away. 🙂

Congratulations! Your birthday was yesterday! 😀

My birthday is 161 days away.

It will be here soon!

My birthday is only 81 days away.

Almost here!

We are 3 days away from are trip to Miami!

We are 3 days away from our trip to Miami!

Great! Sounds exciting! Have a great trip!

Dear Tim, Good morning! Today is November, 9th. So, I’m only one day away from my birthday!! When you wrote this post, there was only 3 days until my birthday. I’m turning 47 and, kind of worry with the elections results. I hope for the best for everyone of us in the whole world…

Hello, Patricia. Sorry I didn’t get here in time to congratulate you. Happy (Belated) Birthday!

Don’t worry about the results of the elections. The media in the States was against Donald Trump (for their own ‘elitist’, ‘establishment’ reasons), and that news came down to Brasil. But I don’t believe there is anything to worry about.

My birthday is 53 days away

It’s coming up!

A friend of mine, his birthday is just ten days away.

Are you going to his (or her) birthday party?

My birthday is 365 days away.

Happy Birthday, Leanderson! 😉

What is the name of the site to calculate the days?

My birthday will be soon! It is only 12 days away.

now only 101 days away for my birthday.


My birthday is nine months away.

Kind of far.

Olá Tim. Gosto muito de assistir corrida de carros pela tv. quando faltam poucas voltas pra terminar aparece um aviso na tela dizendo: 3 laps to go. Queria que você falasse sobre isso

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