Inglês Natural #10: Like (para citar alguém) | Inglês Todos os Dias #355

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Inglês Natural #10: Like (para citar alguém) | Inglês Todos os Dias #355

I was like, "Is this correct English?"

Você já sabe dizer "I said", "You said", "He said", etc. para citar alguém. Mas você conhece uma expressão informal muito comum, que usa a preposição like, para citar pessoas em inglês do dia a dia? Vamos falar sobre isso no mini-podcast de hoje, e... You are like, wow! This is cool!

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So I started asking around, "Will somebody help me?" And my uncle said, "You know what, Tai, you need somebody who's going to show you how to make money." So I was like, "Great idea. I'm going to go find somebody; but I didn't have any gas money..."
Ted Talk Lecture: Why I Read a Book a Day
I said
I was like
She said, "Come over for some coffee."
She was like, "Come over to my house for some coffee.
I was like
She was like
They were like
I was like, sad; but then I was like, "Yay!"

He was like, a little angry.
He was like, "Do your homework!"
I am like
He is like, "Boy, this is hard!"
I was like, "Yay!"
I was like, "Great tip!"
I am like, "Thank you!"
I asked Dave if he wanted to go; and he's like, "No way!"
She was like, "Huh?!"
We were like, "Oh, no!"
I asked him if he thought Liz was cute; and he's like, "Yeah, definitely!"
And I'm like, "Come on, man, participate there!

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 Complete the following sentence in the comments section below.

And I am/was like, ___________________!

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32 comments “Inglês Natural #10: Like (para citar alguém) | Inglês Todos os Dias #355”

I was having a conversation with my brothers about how to improve our english and I was like, “you guys have to go to DOMINE INGLES site so you can learn a lot of new tips, making your english even better”

Did they follow your advice? 😀

For their unlucky no… (I don’t know if it’s correct, but I was trying to say PIOR QUE NÃO, so I’ve changed my sentence to PARA O AZAR DELES NÃO). They still believe only in schools…

Tim said: “Guys, you should know the site” So I was like, “Wow!!! This site is awesome!!!!”
Thanks so much, Tim. This tip is like… wonderful!!!

Thanks, Sylvio! And I’m glad you enjoyed It’s a great tool.

I was like, “Yay!”
I am like, “Thank you!”

And I am like, “You’re welcome!” 😀

I was like: “go practice!”

Yes! Practice makes perfect!

I was like hungry. Nou, continue.

Time for lunch!

I was like, “Tim is the better English’s teacher!”

I do love Ted Talk. I’ve been watching it for a long time. Very useful.

When I listened the tip this mini Podcast today I was like, “Great tip!”

We’re back!! haha!!
We heard all the tips about inglês natural and we were like “WOW”, we’ve missed a lot of mini podcasts!!

* We listened to all the tips*

Our team was losing by 2 and we were like, “Oh no!”. But then the guys made a 3 points shot and everybody was like “Uhuuuuu!”.

I related to my chief about the clients, and he’s like “this is so good, man”

And I was like, “go practice!”!

And Tim was like “little and often”, and I’m like “this is the way”.

Yes! That’s the spirit! 😀

I was like, improve English is necessary to become a great person. 

It’s necessary if you want to communicate around the world, but you are already a great person. 😉

I was like, “How do I do this?”.

And you learned! 😀

At frist I was like Sad because I there was not learning english today…
and the after this Podcast I was like “Yeaah”, because I study english today.
Thanks Tim!

You’re welcome! Great job! 😀

When I saw Tim giving us this great example, I was like blown away! This guy is a really really good teacher, he’s damn good at teaching!

Thanks, Sergio! 😀 And you’re a great student!

I was like: “see you tomorrow! Good nigth!”

Good night! 🙂

I was like, I have to improve my skills.

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