Inglês Todos os Dias #13: Consegui terminar o livro

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Inglês Todos os Dias #13: Consegui terminar o livro

Quando eu (Tim) tinha 13 anos, decidi ler um livro difícil - e consegui chegar até o fim! Como você diria isso em inglês? Descubra no mini-podcast de hoje.


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I made up my mind I was going to get through it.
I managed to get through it.
I finally got through my English homework.
When I get through high school, I will go to college.
As soon as we get through with painting the kitchen, I'll call you.
I have a lot of work to get through today.
As soon as you get through your work, go to our site and leave a comment there.

Material extra:

50+ Phrasal Verbs with the word GET:


How about you? What have you managed to get through?

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30 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #13: Consegui terminar o livro”

Hi Tim
I need to improve my English but I didn´t  get through yet.
Is it correct?

Hello, Rosane! Thank you for your participation. About your sentence, it is almost correct; but the phrasal verb “get through” is not synonymous with “chegar até o fim”. You have to tell us WHAT you didn’t get through yet. For example, “I didn’t get through my studies, yet.” or something like that.

I made up my mind,get through my english course.

Thankyou by help us!

Good for you, Marizete! Thank you for commenting here.

Recebi esse presente no meu email, e iniciei hoje as minhas aulas, nunca é tarde para aprender , eu quero muito aprender, sou grata por essa oportunidade.

Welcome, Izabel! Espero que você possa aprender bastante conosco aqui!

Thanks Tim, now I have another frasal verb in my personal dictionary, get through 🙂

So glad to help you with another Phrasal verb in your repertoire! Thank you for writing!

Hello Tim,
Thanks a lot for the tips. I learn a lot with. 
As soon as I get through the english course I will learn french.

That’s great, Lucia! But never leave us! 😉

Hi Tim,

I love your tips, they are extremely useful for me. I got through my English studies, however, I´ve been studying it all my life. I do need it.
Thanks a lot.

God bless you.

Clauceni Pinto.

You’re right, Clauceni, learning is a lifetime journey; but you are already writing/speaking very well! I’m so glad you are enjoying the tips, too.

You are great Tim!!! Never give up on stream your podcasts. It’s a gift for all. The story: “Rudoph Red Nosed Reindeer” – I loved it. Could you develop more northamerican folk child stories ? I would like to know, but from your viewpoint and comments. Best wishes! Del

So glad you enjoyed the story of “Rudolph”, Del. ( <== link) We'll do our best to keep them coming. Thank you for your comment.

Hi Tim, On “T” accent, could you please, say something about it. Cause I listen up your way to pronounce “paiting”. Sounds there isn’t “T”. Or in another words “T” seems like “D”. Thanks and All the best! Del

Sure, Del. We’ll try to do an mini-podcast about that soon. What word exactly did you here me pronounce?

I have two English books that I’ve been trying to get through since last year. Too bad I haven’t gotten around to it yet.  But I’ll do my best to get through them soon.  

Good job! Two phrasal verbs with GET. 🙂 Thank you for participating here! Hope you get through your books soon.

Hello, Tim.

I didn’t get through of cleaning my home.

Is it correct the preposition “of”?

Hello, Valéria. You don’t need the preposition. Just say: “I didn’t get through cleaning my home.”

In these last days, was a hard days for me, because I get through important tasks, so, I don’t had much time to post comments here.

Note: I don’t know whether I wrote correctly. Please Tim, if not, correct me to I learn the correct form. Of course, if you have time to do that!

Thanks a lot! And, one more time (and I’m not tired to say that), your tips is superb and I learn much with this! Thank you, thank you and thank you!

You wrote very well, Emerson. Just don’t forget to put it in the past – “I got through important tasks” – or maybe you could say “I had to get through important tasks”. Thank you for your comment.

Hello, Tim. 

I’m late for this podcast but, I was very busy. So now let’s go !

I’m so glad that I’m got through my work last week.

Good Evening!!! Teacher Tim!!

Finally I got through my work, so I had a opportunity to study with you.

Good nigth!!!

Good for you, Vera! Thank you for stopping by and saying hello!

As soon as I get through with my english studies, I will go to United States.

Good for you, Henrique! Keep up the good work!

As soon as we get through with remodeling the house, I’ll take some days off.

Hi Tim,
Everyday I’m learning with your podcasts, God blessed you.

I decided that everyday I’m going to learn english and I will get through it!

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