Inteligente MAS não dedicado | As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #22

Inteligente MAS não dedicado | As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #22

Tenho um amigo inteligente, MAS não muito dedicado! O mais importante para aprender uma lingua é dedicação! Então vamos praticar a 22ª palavra mais usada na lingua inglêsa hoje: a conjunção but (mas).


Se você quiser receber as primeiras palavras - e as próximas - inscreva-se na caixa "Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias" ao lado.



My friend is very intelligent, but not very dedicated.
I am
You are
He is
My friend is very intelligent, but he isn't very dedicated.
he is not = he isn't
but he, but I,...
My friend is friendly, but he isn't very hardworking.


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Let's practice in the comments section!

Use vocabulary from here or here to complete this sentence:

My friend is _____________, but he/she is(n't) ________________ .

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12 comments “Inteligente MAS não dedicado | As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #22”

My brother is very rich, but he is a penny-pincher

“Mao de vaca” is it correct this expression??

Sure, Denilson. That is a good option. 🙂

My friend is a little strange but he is very funny.

Sounds like a fun friend. 🙂

I need speak English,but it’s shame,not may speak because my friends don’t like speak English they aren’t hardworking,but I am happy because I can speak here!

That’s true! You can always practice here!

My friend is very cool, but he isn’t pretty.

He has a good heart, tough. 🙂

My Father is very rich, but He isn´t a penny-pincher, He´s humble at the same time also He´s wealthy ! Have a great day !

It seems like you have a very nice father!

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My friend is works a lot, but he’s very messy.

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