Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #27: Mais uma forma de dizer ‘acordado’ em inglês

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Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #27: Mais uma forma de dizer ‘acordado’ em inglês
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Já aprendemos a dizer I am awake [Eu estou acordado em inglês] e Wake up! [Acorde!]. Agora vamos aprender mais uma forma informal e muito comum de se dizer acordado em inglês.






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Frases no mini-podcast de hoje:

I am awake.
Are you up yet?
I am awake.
Wake up!
I am up.
Are the kids up?
Are the kids still up?
Are the kids up yet?
On Fridays, I stay up until 2 o'clock in the morning.
It's 10 P.M. and I'm still up.
It's 11P.M. and my wife is still up.


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AGORA VAMOS PRATICAR! Complete a seguinte frase (no setor de comentários abaixo):

It is __(time)___ and I am still up.

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17 comments “Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #27: Mais uma forma de dizer ‘acordado’ em inglês”

It’s 8 P.M and I am still up.

It’s still early! Lots of time to study English yet! 🙂

It’s 3 P.M. and I’m up.

I usually feel sleepy around 3 P.M.

It is 12 A.M and I am still up.

What are you doing up so late?

I’m up until 11 P.M., and I wakes up at 05:30 A.M. on weekdays.

You don’t get a lot of sleep. I hope you don’t feel sleepy during the day.

It’s 9 pm and I’m still up.

It’s early yet!

It’s 12 Pm and I’m still Up. 

Time to get to bed!

I’m up 7:00 A.M. 0’clock. My wife need sleep, because she is wake up 5,30 A. M. every day.

That is very early! I get up at 6:00 A.M., but wish I could sleep longer.

It’s 8 pm, and my sister sill up.

How old is your sister?

My sister is 30 years old

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