‘Na ponta da língua’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #320

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‘Na ponta da língua’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #320

Você tem todas as expressões que ensinamos aqui na ponta da língua? Espero que sim! Então vamos aprender a dizer "na ponta da língua" em inglês. E tome cuidado! A frase "na ponta da língua" tem outro significado em inglês. Vamos falar sobre isto no mini-podcast de hoje!

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Make sure you have all our lessons down pat.
on the tip of my tongue
have something down pat
I have your lessons down pat.

Aprenda a dizer 'de cor' AQUI.

by heart
pat on the back
pat answer
down pat
I'd given the talk so many times, I had it down pat.
have something down pat
She only had to repeat the lines once or twice, and she'd have them down pat.
He's got his presentation down pat.
He has his presentation down (pat).
Once I have it down (pat), I'll explain it to you.
You have to have the sentences down pat.
What do you have down pat?
I have your lessons/mini-podcasts down pat.

Todos os episódios de "Inglês Todos os Dias" AQUI.



What do you 'have down pat'? Tell us about it in the comments section below:

I have ______________ down pat.

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36 comments “‘Na ponta da língua’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #320”

Hello Tim,
Thanks for the podcast. I will make sure I have all of your 320 podcasts down pat. 

That’s the spirit, Karla! 😀

I have this lesson down pat.

You sure do! 😀

I have my tasks down pat.

Good for you!

Good vacation Tim!

Thank you, Renato!

Normally when someone hear a answer different his idea, he has the answer down pat 

A real politician! 🙂

We have to have the phrasal verbs down pat.

That’s right! 😀

I have a recipe of cake down pat.

Can I come over for afternoon tea? 🙂

I’ve have studying english for 5 years, I hope that I have improved my English and have the main sentences for conversation down pat.

I’m sure you do, Julio!

I’m not sure I could have your raised issue down pat.

Keep studying about it! 😀

Has anybody here want a partner to practic with? If so just let me know

Do you want to practice with someone on Skype or something?

I have some tasks in my job down pat.

That’s important!

Please Tim, antes de sair de férias… (rsrs)!
Qual o significado de [note class="bubble"]
Thanks in advance!

Hi, José Carlos! That’s the code we use to make those “speech bubbles” with the sentences. There was a small error, but now it’s corrected. Thanks.

I have this podcast down pat.
Good vacations, Tim.

Good for you! And thanks, Francisco!

Hi Tim!

I’d rather have English vocab down pat.

Yes, that’s important!

I have the Lord’s Prayer down pat.

In English or in Portuguese?

I’m trying to have your mini podcast down pat.

I was supposed to have my passwords down pat. (Lessons #320 + #321)

Sometimes I have answers down pat.

Just don’t have a smug look on your face when you give it. 😀

I have a lot of bill to pay down pat.

Hello, Leonardo! What exactly do you mean by paying a bill “down pat”? Give me an example in Portuguese, and I’ll see what we say in English.

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