Inglês Todos os Dias #115: Sanders is gaining on Hillary | O que significa o phrasal verb ‘gain on’

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Inglês Todos os Dias #115: Sanders is gaining on Hillary | O que significa o phrasal verb ‘gain on’

Eu estava lendo as notícias hoje e vi a seguinte manchete: Bernie Sanders is Gaining On Hillary Clinton In Illinois. Vamos conversar um pouco sobre as eleições primárias nos E.U.A. (Hoje é um dia importante!) e relembrar o phrasal verb gain on (que você já deve conhecer)!

DICA: Veja a imagem do post de hoje e você terá uma ideia do significado do phrasal verb gain on.


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Bernie Sanders is gaining on Hillary Clinton in Illinois.
in play
the headline
gain on


Tim: Quick! Go down this street! Charlie: They're gaining on us! We'll never make it!
Bernie Sanders is gaining on Hillary Clinton in the polls.
Palmeiras is gaining on Corinthians in the number of fans.
gaining on Corinthians in numbers
Hurry! The police is gaining on us!
You competitor is gaining on you.



Poll: Bernie Sanders Gaining On Hillary Clinton In Illinois

'Torcida do Palmeiras está no retrovisor da do Corinthians', diz F. Gomes



Let's practice! 

Write a sentence with the phrasal verb 'gain on'. 

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56 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #115: Sanders is gaining on Hillary | O que significa o phrasal verb ‘gain on’”

We are gaining on our dreams

Keep pursuing your dreams!


We are gaining on our dreams!

Never give up on them!

I’m gaining on my Business.

Keep working hard!

Brazilians are gaining on the U.S. On the bathroom scales. 

Do you work with scales?

We are gaining on my friend!

Keep running!

He’s gaining on us in our race. 

Better speed up!

Speed up your car Rubinho, the last car is gaining on you.

That wasn’t nice! hahaha

I am almost there in the race, but mike is gaining on me.

Keep running and don’t look back!

I am always gaining on my friends Cris when we are runing.

Keep practicing and one day you will pass him! 🙂

Uma citação de Satchel Paige: “Dont look back,” said legendary baseball pitcher Satchel Paige “Something might be gaining on you.”
Leroy Robert “Satchel” Paige, pitcher who became a legend in his own lifetime by attracting record crowds wherever he pitched.
Saulo – Beginner

Good advice! 🙂

I was almost giving up the race , but i saw that i was gaining on the first racer.

Keep running and never give up!

I think there was catch up  the point by the manifestation on sunday,however  the politicians  are gaining on us .

I hope not!

Is better you run, because the police is gaining on you faster.

Better turn yourself in.

Sérgio Moro is gaining on Luis Inácio. I would like…..

Unfortunately not! Lula escaped of Sergio Moro… And it will gain on the presidency… WTF is going on in Brazil? It is the end… I’m very disappointed!

Hard times!

The noose is slowly tightening on him.

The brasilian police is gaining on the Lula.

He’d better run!

I´m ganing on the classes

Keep going and soon you will catch up!

Ex-President ‘Lula’ Joins Brazil’s Cabinet, Gaining Legal Shield


Just remember that “gain” means to “ganhar”, but “gain on someone/something” means to “correr atrás e chegar perto/alcançar”.

The impeachment is gaining on the Brazil’s president…. Is it correct?

Yes, we can say it that way figuratively, if we want.

Hurry up! The tornado is gaining on us!

Run, run, run!

I’m gaining on my goals here in Norway!

Keep pursuing them!

Row! row! row! We´re gaining on them! Let´s catch up to them!

Yes! Keep rowing! 🙂

I’m running for gaining on my dream!

Never give up!

Wait me, I am gaining on you.

Keep running!

Flamengo is gaining on Palmeiras in the Serie A championship 2016!

They were, but they’re a little behind now. 🙂

Hey Tim! Nobody is able to gain on Palmeiras now!!! I guess!kkkkkkkkkk

I have a question, have catch up and gain on the same sense?


I hope you’re right, Beto! 🙂

That’s a good question. Maybe we can do a podcast about it.

Atlético Mineiro (Galo) is gaining on Flamengo and Palmeiras as well.

We play next week, I believe. 🙂

I´m gaining on my running goal

Keep it up! 🙂

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