Obrigado por adquirir o nosso curso: Present Perfect em 14 dias


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Muito obrigado!

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54 comments “Obrigado por adquirir o nosso curso: Present Perfect em 14 dias”

I received the first lesson correctly, no action required.

Thanks for everybody!

Great, Anderson! I hope you enjoy the course!

I’ve bought a new dress.

You’re just like my wife, Maria! 🙂 Good job with your sentence!

I received the first lesson
Thanks a lot

Great, Lucia! I’ll see you in the lesson page!

I received the first Lesson, not problem at all.

Another Topic:
Do you have classes to help on IELTS exam ?

Hello, Adeluis! Thank you for purchasing our Present Perfect lessons! I hope you enjoy them! We don’t have anything on IELTS yet; but who knows in the future?

I have bought a new headset to listening to all lessons better

Good idea, Adeluis! Enjoy the lessons!

I’ve bought Presente Perfect em 14 dias. I hope to enjoy the lessons and to improve my English.

Welcome, Elvira! Thank you for purchasing the course! I hope you enjoy it!

I’ve bought a new wife , she’s wonderful,she doesn´t speak and doesn´t use the credit card.
I found her a bit cold but I think I’ll END UP  getting used .
If she reads this comment I will be in a big trouble. lolol 

“Bought a wife”? How did you do that, Sami? 🙂

I’ve bought a new tablet just to learn David’s lesson.

Wow! That’s what I call a dedicated student! Good luck with your studies!

I’ve bought the bundle phrasal verbs and I’am enjoying!!

That’s great, Marcelo! Thank you! Good luck with your studies!

I’ve received the first lesson about present perfect. I loved it. 

That’s great, Kenia! I hope you enjoy the course!

Hello Tim and David, 

I’ve bought a new aviation book to practice listening, but it is difficult to understand it.

Is it correct??

See you later… Bye

That’s correct, Denilson! Just keep on listening and you will surely improve with time!

I’ve bought a new book to study english

That’s great! Good luck with your studies!

I’ve bought a new set of lessons from Tim Barret

Great! Thank you! Good luck with your studies!

I’ve bought a new books about political sciences.

Are you into politics?

Not yet!!! Maybe one day I have more courage to into politic life

You have to have a lot of courage to get into politics! 🙂 [Just an explanation: “Are you into…?” can simply mean “Are you interested in…?”]

I’ve bought a lesson called “Present Perfect em 14 dias” on the website Domineingles.

Tim, I’ve noticed that many American say:

I just bought (…)
I bought (sem especificar o dia).

In the last lesson (bonus lesson), David and I talk about that. Americans often use the Simple Present in place of Present Perfect, but only in certain situations. You will learn that in the last lesson. 🙂

I just got the email. Thanks.

Great, Paulo! Good luck with your studies!

Hello Tim,

I’ve bought a new course, which I hope helps improving my English skills.

Good luck with your studies, Rafael!

I,ve bought a new suit. It’s so beautiful.

I’m sure you look snazzy in it! 😀

Hi there!

Thanks. I´ve just gotten the first lesson. I do hope that now I will take over present perfect once and for all.



That’s great! Good luck with your studies!

I´ve bought a english course lessons in the Tim´s website.

Thank you, Marcela! Good luck with your studies!

I´ve receveid a good job proposal, and now I have make up my mind between the actual job or the new one.

Hard decision!

I’ve bought a new english course from Domine Inglês!

Thank you, Emanuel! Good luck with your studies!

I’ve just bought the present perfect course! I’ m very anxious ! 

Good luck with your studies! You’re off to a good start already!

I received the email. Thanks! 

That’s great! Thank you! Good luck with your studies!

I’ve not received the password yet to acess the website1

Hello, Alexandrim! The password is in the body of the e-mail message.

Ainda não recebi minha lição 

Olá, Ivoná! Você já recebeu as lições?

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