All booked up | Inglês Todos os Dias #219

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All booked up | Inglês Todos os Dias #219

Já estamos nos Estados Unidos, no momento aqui em Sea Isle City, NJ, passando algum tempo com meus primos. Quando chegamos em New York, passamos à noite em um hotel. Ainda bem que fizemos uma reserva, porque o hotel estava all booked up. Se fossemos walk-in guests, não teríamos conseguido quartos. Vamos então falar sobre o phrasal verb booked up no mini-podcast de hoje.

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Are you a walk-in? Sorry, we’re all booked up.
book a room/flight/table at a restaurant.
fully booked
booked up
check in
Oh, I’m sorry. We are all booked up.
I went to… but it was all booked up.
It was all booked up.
I tried to buy plane tickets in July, but the flight was all booked up.


Complete one of these sentences in the comments section below! 

I wanted to go to ___________ , but the hotels were all booked up.

I tried to buy plane ticket to ___________ in __(month)__, but the flights were all booked up.

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41 comments “All booked up | Inglês Todos os Dias #219”

Yesterday I went to a restaurant not so far from where I live. It turns out the restaurant was overbooked so, unfortunately, I could not get a table.

Too bad! Where did you eat then? McDonald’s? 😀

I wanted to go to Rio de Janeiro, but the hotels were all booked up.

Was it during the Olympics?

Hey Teacher!
Have a great trip there!
Some people say that our Brazil is in crisis, but We want to go to some hotel for vacation time next July, and almost them are booked up… I think we’ll do go to the chácara, simple and cheap!

Thank you, Eduardo! That’s interesting! How do you explain that? I guess not everyone is experiencing the crisis.

I went to a concert yesterday, and it was booked up!

Must have been a popular band.

I tried going in the restaurant last week, but unfortunately it was fully booked, but no problem, I ended up going in another

I hope it was just as nice as the first one!

O wanted to go to fortaleza past week , but the hotels were all booked up. 
Shall we take an acai together.

Yes, let’s do that! 😀

It is dangerous to travel abroad without book a hotel. Depending of the occasion if you walk in you could not find a hotel. Sometimes all the hotels are booked up.

That’s true, Francisco. We use to book places to stay.

Hi there! Great tips today! I had never listened the phrasal verb “walk in” before. Are you going to barbacue some lobsters there, uh?

I don’t think so, Gustavo. My brother is allergic to shell fish.

Hi. That is de bad situation:

Some day I was traveling for Belo Horizonte for my job when I got the first hotel in that city. The clerk asked me: ” Are you a walk-in or a guest? I answerd: Now, I ´ve just came at Belo Horizonte city, please, Do have any bedroom in this hotel? Then he told me: I am sorry man, now we are booked up. But you can another one in the next hotel. Here is the number if you will call it. For my good luck I got one in other hotel.. What a day!

(Creio que aqui tenha algum erro gramatical.. porém estamos aqui para aprender não apenas o tema isolado mas tentar aplicar a uma situação… foi o que eu tentei (risos) )

Thanks a lot Tim for your podcasts. I have enjoyed so much.

Best regards for all! Bye

You did a great job with your story, Cristiano! And you were fortunate to be able to get another room at that time of the day!

I went to the theater, but it was all booked up.

It must have been a popular show.

I went to a restaurant last mont and it was all booked up

Where was it? In São Paulo?

Hi everyone, Tim and David !

It´s thanks to God, for my vocation trip to Miamy Beach in Florida state on U.S.A this year !
We have booked two cars, and one apartments, and for our blessed luck the hotel isn´t booked up, because we haven´t a reservation . . . It was all be okay !

Goctha >>> all booked up (Informal ), and fully booked ( formal ) = total lotado !

Have Everyone a Excelent Week !

Great job, Ricardo! And glad you were able to get a room as such a late hour!

I tried to buy tickets for soccer game, but the stadium was all booked up.

Was it Palmeira’s game?

I tried to do a course with Tim barret in Jundiai , but the courses was all booked up. :/

Too bad, Ariol! Hopefully there will be vacancies in the near future!

I went to Sting’s concert but it was all booked up!

Was the concert in Brazil?

I tried to buy tickets for RockinRio but it was all booked up!

I went to Jericoacoara but It was all booked up!

I went to with my family in Applebee’s on mom day, but booked-up, and we wait for 40 minutes

I tried to buy a flight ticket to Rio but all flights were booked up. 

The last time that I went to NY with my wife, we arrived with this notice in our hotel:
– “Oh, unfortunately there is a problem with the air conditioning in your room. It isn’t
working very well. However we are all booked up, so we can’t help you and you need
to stay in this room.”
But they didn’t know my wife profession. lol
She, as a good lawyer, started to complaining our rights out loud and, like a magic, they gave us a beautiful room in a higher floor. It took 2 seconds. lol

Thank God, because it was very hot in NY

I wanted to go to Salvador, but the hotels were all booked up.

Hi Tim!

I’ve got the gist! However, when we refer to something, which we wanted to buy but there wasn’t anymore, can we say: The tickets were sold up.

Am I right?


I went to the theather but all booked up, and I had to back to home

I tried to buy a ticket to watch the Palmeiras Game, but, the stadium will be all booked up.

A friend of mine wanted to go to Italy as soon as possible when he lost his mother, but unfortunately all flights were booked up and he couldn’t go to.

Two years ago I went to Berlin International Film and as I was a walk-in I could not find accommodation in the city. Hotels were all booked up.

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