Benjy is Bummed Out [Phrasal Verb: Bummed Out]

Benjy is Bummed Out [Phrasal Verb: Bummed Out]

See why Tim's nephew (David's son), Benjamin, was bummed out today. And watch Uncle Tim spoil him once again.

Veja por que o sobrinho do Tim (o filho do David) estava bummed out hoje. E veja como o Tio Tim o deixa mimado mais uma vez.

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David: Who is it, Buddy? Who is it in the picture there? Who is it?
Benjamin: Mama
David: Where's Mama? Show Daddy the picture of Mama. Show Daddy. Yeah. May I see the picture? Where's Moma? Yeah. Do you love Mommy? Give Mommy a hug.

  • who is in the picture? = quem está na foto?
  • show Daddy... = mostre para o papai...
  • may I see the picture? = posso ver a foto?
  • do you love Mommy? = você ama a mamãe?
  • give Mommy a hug. = dê um abraço na mamãe.

Uncle Tim: Tell him why you're bummed out. Because he wants to play in the water, and his dad won't let him. Right, Benjy? See. He's all bummed out.
David: Ben, do you want to play in the water?
U. Tim: Do you? Yeah, well. Ok. Let's... I'll take you to play in the water. Your dad won't.
David: Ok. Bye.
U. Tim: Say bye bye. Say bye bye to your dad.
David: Just give him a bath then.

  • tell him why you are... = diga para ele por que você está...
O que significa o phrasal verb ‘bummed out' Como se diz “bummed out" em português? Qual é a tradução de "bummed out"? What does "bummed out" mean? What is the meaning of "bummed out"?

  • bummed out, phrasal verb informal (gíria) = muito chateado e triste; desapontado; desanimado/deprimido (temporariamente); de mau humor e triste

Note: Leia a seguinte discussão em um forum na qual pessoas dizem que essa expressão ainda é muito usada:

David: Benjamin got what he wanted. Hey, Ben. What are you doing? Bud? Where is the water? Yeah, there it is. Throw water on Daddy. Uh-oh. Throw water on Daddy. Ben. Throw water on the chair. There you go. Bye bye, Ben.

Other examples of the phrasal verb bum out:

I am really bummed out that they cancelled my favorite series.
Estou muito chateado que eles cancelaram o meu seriado favorito.

He's been really bummed out since he broke up with his girlfriend.
Ele anda muito deprimido desde que terminou com a sua namorada.
My report card will really bum out my parents.
O meu boletim escolar vai realmente chatear os meus pais.
The news really bummed me out.
As notícias realmente me deixaram deprimido.


How about you? Are you bummed out about anything? (I hope not.) Please tell us about it below.

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21 comments “Benjy is Bummed Out [Phrasal Verb: Bummed Out]”


Thanks, Wagner! You’re a real friend. 🙂

Awwwwwwww!! Little Ben is soooooooooooooo cute!!! *-*
He made smile big! God bless him! 😀

Thank you very much, Christiane! I’m glad he put a smile on your face. He’s brings us all a lot of joy, too.

I was kind of bummed out because I did not know any KIDS English word to teach to my own toddler, but I know now, thank to Barrets family. 🙂 

Thanks, Anderson! You also might want to buy some nice books for toddlers; they have a lot of “baby talk” in them, too.

Hi, I would like to know what the meaning of phrase “had his work cut out for him”? In the email that you sent me there wasn’t the meaning of that phrase. I thank you so much! A hug!

I’m sorry. I forgot to post the link in the e-mail. Here it is: <== Clique Aqui

i’m gonna bum out when if my boss quit me

That would surely be a bummer.

Hi Tim! Benjy is such an adorable kid! Congrats! 
To pay so many taxes in the begining of the year really bum me out.

Thank you, Renata! And I know what you mean about the taxes. It bums all of us out.

What a fantastic uncle this cute boy has ! I’m really bummed out with the very hot summer in Rio. Through water on me, Benjy …

Be careful; he will! 🙂 Thank you for the kind comment, Laura!

thanks for share this beautiful moment

Sure, Lucia. Thank YOU for your participation here.

Hi, Tim,

How cute, and beautiful family you have.
I was looking up the word “desanimado” in english, and finally I get it.
Is it for adults as well? or just for kids like “emburrado-amuado”

Thank you, Gabriela! Yes, it can be used for adults, too; although it is informal. What dictionary did you find it in, may I ask?

I’m bummed out because just now I found your site. I’m listening your podcast and it are amazing. I will bay. I will buy some your products for improve my english. Thanks for all

Acompanho seu pod Cast e fiquei feliz por vc morar na minha querida Jundia…hugs

I’m bummed out because I have hurt my knees and I stopped my Judo training

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