Inglês Todos os Dias #168: Por que meu pai estava ‘ticked off’

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Inglês Todos os Dias #168: Por que meu pai estava ‘ticked off’

No mini-podcast de hoje vamos aprender o significado do phrasal verb ticked off, e vou te contar por que meu pai estava ticked off (ou, pelo menos, parecia estar).





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My dad looked really ticked off in that picture.
ticked off
Tick off each name on the list.
I'm ticked off!
I'm ticked off at you!
Long lines tick me off!
What ticks you off?
Who are you ticked off at?
What are you ticked off at?
I'm ticked off at my student for not doing his homework.
Don't tick me off!
I hope you're not ticked off.




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How about you?

What are you ticked off at? (or) Who are you ticked off at? (or) Why are you ticked off?

Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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25 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #168: Por que meu pai estava ‘ticked off’”

My son forgot to pick me up at my work, that’s why I’m ticked off at him!

Actually, it was not so bad… because I’m here taking my daily lesson!!! 

I’m wait you one hour for lunch, do you come?? I hate wait for a long time, I’m staying to tick off

It really tick me off ,when I go to a restaurant and notice a long line to enter into…

I ticked off when the bus broke.

I ticket off, when I find a long line at my Bank….

I’m ticked off at rain not stoping here in the Rio grande do Sul!!

I’m ticked off at you Because you did not say about “cut off” , Tim. Pls make a podcast about it has several uses.

Well, I hardly ever become ticked off at someone or something!

I’m ticked off because I lost my wallet last week.

I’m ticked off at my boss for not incresing my salary.

I’m tick off with dishonest people. 

I am tick off because the mother’s cats dont let me sleep this tonigth!

I’m ticked off at the corrupt politicians!

I’m ticked off at the bad politicians we have to vote to govern Rio de Janeiro ! I really don’t know what to do !!!! Bad times !!!!

kkkk Here in Curitiba is the same thing Laura!I tick off at them, too.
It always tick me off when my neighbor leaves his trash in front of my gate!!!

What a terrible neighbor!

The traffic in São Paulo city tick me off!

I know what you mean!

I’m ticked off with the heat

That’s why I have air-conditioning! 🙂

I hate noises by the night!
It tick me off.

Keeps you awake, right?

Let me tick off what really tick me off: stubbornness, lies and pessimism. Lately, I’ve been ticked off at lier politicians.   

Is “ticked off” the same of “pissed off”?

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