Present Perfect em 14 dias: Lição 2


O David perdeu as chaves - de novo! Descubra por que usamos o present perfect para dizer isso em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje!



Frases no mini-podcast de hoje:

I’ve lost my keys.
lose – lost - lost / misplace – misplaced - misplaced
I’ve lost my keys. / I’ve misplaced my keys.
Last week, I lost my keys; but I found them under my bed.
It’s probably under your bed.
I’ve lost my keys. I don’t have my keys now. I can’t find my keys.
I’ve cut my finger.
Last week, I was preparing dinner and I cut my finger.
cut - cut - cut [verbo "cortar"]
I have lost my keys. / I’ve lost my keys.
Maybe we can help you find it and give you some tips.


Lições Anteriores:

Lição 1: Present Perfect para informação nova.


Agora vamos praticar (no setor de comentários abaixo)! 

Tell us about something that you have lost. (Lembre-se: Você não pode ter achado ainda!)

197 comments “Present Perfect em 14 dias: Lição 2”

I’ve lost my pen. It probably my wife hid from me 😀

You’re wife must like your pen! 🙂

Hi David! I’ve been misplacing my things everytime too. For exemple, today when I arrived at work, I realized that I’ve misplaced my watch in somewhere at home.

Have you looked under your bed? 🙂

I’ve lost my TV Remote Control… LOL!

You’ll just have to get up and change the channels yourself! 🙂

I’ve lost my book on the bus.

1- Neste caso real, esqueci o meu livro no “guarda-objetos” do banco do ônibus e nunca mais encontrei. É o caso de “lose” e não “misplace”, correto?
2- Americanos usam expressões como perder a cabeça, perder a paciência, perder a calma? Se usam, estas frases ficariam no pretérito ou present perfect? E perder a vida? Poderia dizer “He has lost his life”?


Olá, Adriano! Sim, lost seria a melhor opção.

Sim, existem todos estes “perder”s em inglês. 🙂 (lose one’s head, lose one’s cool, etc.) E, sim, você pode usar o “lose one’s life” com o Present Perfect (ou Simple Past, dependendo do contexto, é claro). Veja um exemplo nas notícias: <== link

Obrigado, Tim!

🙂 b

   I’ve lost my dog on the street. I’m very sad. Help me find it.

 (it is not true !!!) ainda bem  haha

Here’s a little song for you: <== link

            Cute video!!!

Thanks, Ceris! David will come in and read the comments soon, too.

David, In lst July I lost my mp3 player, so I had to buy another because I like listen to music everytime. But I’ve lost the new one.

That’s correct, José Luiz. You couldn’t use the present perfect in the first sentence, because it was a specific time in the past.

Hello David. I’ve lost my driver license and the police stopped me. What do I now?!? Please, ask Tim if can he help me? Haushsuahah. 

Tim here to the rescue! 🙂

That’s great. Thanks a lot! I’m already OK. My wife found the license… She was under the seat!


I’ve hurt my knee while playing volleyball.

Hello, Maria! In this sentence, you can’t use the Present Perfect (sorry 🙂 ) because you specified a time – while playing volleyball. So you need to say: I hurt my knee while playing volleyball.

Hi Tim,
I have misplaced my headphones so I am listening to the audio straight of the PC speakers. Thanks!!!

At least you can still hear the lessons! 🙂

I’ve lost my bag,i hope to find it

Have you found it yet?

I’ve lost my sunglasses.OMG

Oh, no! Have you checked in your car? Sometimes I forget my sunglasses there!

I’ve lost my dog and I can’t find her.

That’s sad, Beto. I hope she shows up soon.

I’ve lost my dog.

Sorry to hear that, Jean.

A explicação de vocês é fantástica adoro essa forma que vocês tem de explicar as coisas. agora realmente estou aprendendo inglês.

Que legal, Jean! É muito gratificante para nós ouvirmos isso.

Hi Tim, Do you remember that English book that I borrowed from you two weeks ago? I would like just tell you that I’ ve lost that book.         (Huau,Hutu,huau…’s a joke). Actually I am still reading it.

You scared me! (Nah, just kidding, too. 🙂 ) Are you enjoying it?

I´ve lost fifty reais.
I lost fifty reais when I was shopping.

Very good, Rosane! The first sentence doesn’t mention a specific time, but the second one does.

I´ve lost my bag!

I hope you can find it soon!

I´ve lost one million dollars ! …..(I´m kidding)

Phew! That’s a lot of money to lose!!

I’ve lost my ID, driver’s licence and credit card. It is a big problem, isn’t it?

Oh, my! What a pain! I hope you find them!

I’ve lost my patience with my sister! (I’m kidding, she’s a great sister)

Maybe she’s lost her patience with you, Aline! haha

My husband has lost his wallet. I believe that one day he will lose his head in somewhere.

Let’s hope not! haha

I’ve lost my camera. Now I can’t take pictures

Too bad, Carol! I hope you can get another one soon.


I’ve lost my patiente with the government!

Only now?!! 🙂

I wouldn’t say I have lost my keys. I just can’t remember where I put them and I don’t know where to start looking for them.

Hmmm That sounds like “lost” to me! hahaha

I’ve lost contact with some good old friends.

That’s too bad, Celia. Maybe you can reconnect again this next year.

I’ve lost my mind so many times trying to figure out how to use present perfect. From this moment,I feel I’m getting better. =)  Did I write anything wrong?

All correct, Taynara! You’re doing great!

I’ve lost my fear about present perfect and i don’t want to find it 

Glad to hear that, Lucas!

I’ve lost my car key. I took my wife’s car because I need to work.

I hope you can find it soon!

My son has lost the TV remote control, again! Sometimes I found it at the kitchen!

He probably took it to the kitchen when he went to get a snack. 🙂

I´ve lost my result of the eye exam and  I can´t buy a new glasses for me.

That’s too bad. You’ll have to go back to the eye doctor to get a new prescription.

I’ve lost my money, it was in my pocket.

(Can I use present perfect and past in the same phrase? I’m having a hard time to understand it).

In this case, since you are telling a story, you should say: I lost my money; it was in my pocket. (Because you already found it.)

Hi David and Tim, 

She has begun a new work in the company, I hope she likes it.

Is it correct???

That’s correct, Denilson! I hope she likes it, too.

I’ve lost my hat, The wind blew it off my head.

You’d better run after it before the wind blows it away!

Hello everybody, how are you?
I want know if can you provide this lesson in pdf archive?
Thank you

Att. Bruno

Hello, Bruno. We’ll see what we can do. For the meantime (enquanto isso), maybe you could copy and paste it in a WORD document or something.

Lesson 2.
I’ve lost my Wallet.

Thank you.
Good Night.

Hope you can find it!

Lesson 2.
I’ve lost my bible.

Thank you.
Good Night.

That’s too bad! I hope you can find it soon!

I have lost my credcard. what do I have to now?

You should probably call your credit card company and cancel it.

I’ve lost my document of indentification. I always to misplace some document! 

I hate to lose documents! It’s always a hassle getting a new one.

I`ve got a big traffic, so I’ve missed my flight…again!

That’s too bad, Wesley! I hope you can be booked on another flight soon.

I’ve lost my wallet and I ran out of money.

What a situation!

I’ve lost my favorite cap!

I hope you can find it soon.

I’ve lost my headphones! I can’t believe that..

Maybe you’ll need to buy new ones.

I’ve lost my English book, now I need to buy another.

Can’t you find it anywhere?

I’ve lost all my patience with Dilma Roussef and her supporters!!

I won’t say anything because I don’t vote in Brazil. 🙂

I can’t acess all links and videos you’ve put on website. Can you help me?

There is a link below every audio that says “Clique AQUI para baixar o áudio para o seu computador.” Try that, Guilherme.

i’ve lost my controller game, and now? hahaha were’s ?

Have you found it yet?

I’ve lost the money that was inside my wallet. 

That seems suspicious… 🙂

I´ve lost my  driving licence! Just kidding… hehe

Glad you haven’t lost it, André! It would be a hassle to find another one!

I’ve lost my temper with my noisy neighbor! ( é mentirinha..ele é um amor!)

Glad you have a nice neighbor! Neighbors can be a pain at times!

I’ve lost my gold pendant and I didn’t tell anyone yet.

If you tell them, maybe they can help you find it.

I’ve lost my credit card.

I hope you find it!

Hi David,

I ve lost my charger of the cell-phone.´

In this case I´m like you always lose my stuff

That’s not good! A cell phone is useless without a charger!

My wife has lost her glasses and still hasn’t found it.

I’ve lost my English book but tomorrow I’m going to look for it.

Has she found her glasses already?

I’ve already lost a few pounds with my new diet. Now will.

Good for you, Josias! I’m trying! 🙂

I’ve lost my temper because I’ve missed the bus. 😀

Take a deep breath, Paulo! 🙂

I’ve lost my sunglass, because of this, I’ve bought a new one.

Good job!

Hi friends.
I’ve misplace my shoes today.
My wife lost her sunglasses in our last vacation.

Hey David. I have lost my passport. I hope I have misplaced it.
May I say? I have been to New York or I have read that book.

How may I use my photo instead of that weird pic?

That’s correct, Cledson.

About the photo: do you have a wordpress account? I believe that is the only way to chage the photo, for now.

Well, I haven´t lost anything ; ) However, my son has lost his wallet and he is so mad about it!

Was there any money in it?

I’ve misplaced my cell phone. Thanks God it isn’t true.
I’ve read a law book.

Glad to hear that didn’t really happen! 🙂

I’ve misplace my credit card but I’m not going to look for it 😉

Why not?

I’ve forgetten my grandma’ telephone. i Just can’t
remember it.

That’s not good! Better find that number! 🙂

I’ve lost my backpack. Probably I’ll find in my bed…

I’ve lost my coat in a party ): It’s sad because I liked it very much.

Didn’t anyone save it for you?

I’ve forgotten my coat in a hotel. When I go back there, i’ll pick it up.

I hope they save it for you!

We’ve lost our luggage.

Oh, no! I hope you find it soon!

I’ve misplaced my car. I don’t remember where my car is parking.

That happens to me at the mall, too!

I have lost my English book.

I hope you find it soon! You’ve got to get back to your studies! 😀

Hi Tim ! I have misplaced some goldem bars on my home, and I know, I find out it ! have you a great day !

I’ve lost my barbecue knife. Maybe it’s in the kitchen, but I’m still looking for it.

I’ve lost my pair of glasses… So, I can’t see anything!

That’s too bad! I hope you find them soon!

I’ve misplaced my receipt’s notebook.

I hope you find it soon!

I’ve misplaced my umbrella.

I hope you can find it before it starts raining!

I’ve missplaced my credit card.

Uh-oh! That’s not good! I hope you find it soon!

I’ve lost my cell phone. I’m sad 🙁

Are you sure it wasn’t stolen?

I’ve misplaced wallet. I need found.

Have you found it already?

I’ve lost my watch. I hope to find it soon.

How will you tell the time without it?

I’ve lost my cell phone charger.

That’s always hard! We depend on our cell phones!

I’ve lost my umbrella. I always do that.

Right when we need it!

I’ve lost my pen drive, I can’t find it anywhere…

I hope it didn’t have too many important documents in it.

Hi David. How have you been? I misplace my things all the time too, specially my keys. Too sad.

It’s a pain! And what have you misplaced recently?

I’ve lost my headphones. If I can’t find it I will have to buy a new one.

I recommend the new airpods! They’re fantastic!

I’ve lost my face soap. I really don’t know where it is!

Have you checked on the floor behind the sink?

I´ve lost my cell phone again!

Oh, no! Have you asked somone to call you?

I’ve lost my new t-shirt. I’m so sad.

I hope you find it soon.

I’ve lost my credit card’s pin. :'(

Oh, no! What a hassle!

 I have lost my cell phone.  No caso de perder o emprego seria “I have lost my job “ ?

Yes, that’s correct, Luana.

I’ve lost my cable charger for my sport watch. 

I’ve lost my book. I don’t remember where I put him. 

Could I say:
I have lost my wallet.
I’ve lost my credit card.
She has lost her glasses.
He’s lost a game.
She’s lost a tv show.

Those are correct, Ricardo.

Maybe the last one I might say, She’s lost *in* a TV show”

Hello, I’ve lost my employee badge! I’m entering in the company with a temporary id!

You need to try to remember where you lost it.

Hello again , I’ve lost my litlle key to open the drawer’s chip Cell phone.

You can try to use a paper clip.

I’ve lost my wallet in this moment and still not find it.

I hope you find it soon!

I have lost my chemistry textbook.

I’ve lost my wallet. So, i don’t have money to buy subway tickets to get back home.

I’ve lost my shoes and my hat.

I hope you find them soon.

Hi guys, could you comment for me, please?
I’ve lost my ID card from my work.
I’ve lost my mind with my boss (it is correct?)

Yes, that’s correct. Good job!

Hi guys!!! I’ve lost my freedom when I got married.

Hello, Alexandre. In this case, it would be best to say: I’ve lost my freedom because I got married.

But if you specify a day WHEN you lost your freedom, then you need to use the simple past: I lost my freedom when I got married.

Great!!! thanks a lot!!!

I’ve lost my freedom because I got married!!!

Exactly! 😉

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