Inglês Todos os Dias #126: Quando Americanos não usam o Present Perfect…

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Inglês Todos os Dias #126: Quando Americanos não usam o Present Perfect…

"Por que às vezes o Tim usa o Simple Past quando deveria usar o Present Perfect?" Vou responder essa pergunta, feita por um ouvinte, no mini-podcast de hoje.







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I've lived in Jundiaí for twenty years.
slowly but surely
I came down with the flu.
I got my hair cut.
One of them got away.
sticklers for the rules
I lived in Jundiaí for twenty years.

I've lived in... for...


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Let's practice! Complete the sentence (in the comments section below):

I've lived in ____________ for __________ years.

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43 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #126: Quando Americanos não usam o Present Perfect…”

I’ve lived in Santo André for thirty three years.

🙂 b Good job!

i’ve lived in Natal for nineteen (19) years and before i lived in Rio de janeiro.

Very good, Jackson.

I’ve lived in Rondônia for twenty years. In fact I’m native from here.

So you’ve lived there all your life?

I’ve lived in São Paulo for twenty years.

Do you like living there?

I´ve lived in Brazil for 30 years, because I´m from Mozambique.
I´ve lived in Guaxupé MG for 8 years, a small and cozy city, where people
usually move away looking for jobs because it lacks jobs around. However
they always end up to come back on the age of retirement.

And thanks a lot for keeping us aware about the good tips teachers can get across.
It´s tough for students to understand the Present Perfect, so any tip is welcome

Sure, Gabriela! Thank you for your participation! Great job!

I lived in São Paulo but now I’ve lived in Guaruja for about ten years, it’s about a handrued kilometers far from São Paulo, in the coast.

🙂 b Good job!

I’ve lived in Valinhos for 2 years.

Do you like it there?

I’ve lived in São Paulo since when I born!

You’re a true Paulistano!

I´ve lived in São Paulo for thirty two years.

Wow! You’ve lived there a long time!

I’ve lived in Itaperuna (RJ) since when I born.

Is it an interesting city?

We’ve lived in Limeira for three years, but before that we lived in Cuiabá for five years and a half, and after that we lived in Brasiléia for eight years and a half.
But before all that, we were born and lived for four years in here (Limeira). Wooww!! Pastor’s children life is an adventure. 🙂 🙂

Wow! You’ve been all over the place! 🙂

I’ve lived in Camboriu (SC) for eight years.

Is it a nice place?

I’ve always lived in São Paulo, I born here, when I retire, I intend moving to Santa Catarina, It’s a wonderful place…  Do you know there, Tim???

No, I haven’t been to the South of Brazil yet.

I lived in Florianópolis and São Paulo before moving out to Brasília, where I’ve lived for three years and a half.

I lived in São Paulo for almost 30 years, but now I’ve lived in Jundiaí for 9 years and I really love this city.

I’ve lived in Jundiaí for 10 years, but I’m from Florianópolis. 

I’ve lived in Shanghai for 1 year and half, before I lived in Rio de Janeiro , where I born . 


I’ve lived in Viamão for almost of all my life, a city located near from Porto Alegre, RS. Thanks for the answer and about the mention in the podcast.

I’ve lived in São Caetano do Sul for sexteen years.

I’ve lived in Jardinópolis for twenty nine years

Oi Tim,

Acho que uma boa maneira de memorizar esse uso do present perfect que você menciona no podcast é quando temos aquelas frases com ‘há’, por exemplo,

Eu moro em São Paulo há 10 anos.

Nesse caso, eu sempre vou usar present perfect, right?

I’ve lived in Itauna for 22 years.

I’ve lived in Itaúna for tent years.

I´ve live in Sertãozinho for 31 years, by the way i was born here.
Tim, your brother doesn´t have accent like you does. Isn’t it interesting?

I`ve lived in Diadema for 35 years, by the way, I was born on its neightborcity, my homeborn is San Bernard ! Have a sunny day !

I’ve lived in Itaúna for tent years.

Again, I’ve lived in Itaúna for ten years. (now without “tent”)

I’ve lived in São Paulo for twenty years.

I’ve lived in Jardinopolis for twenty nine years, before I lived in several places.

I lived in São Paulo for 33 years. Now I’ve lived in Canada for 2 years.