Sinta o cheiro | Inglês Todos os Dias #244

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Sinta o cheiro | Inglês Todos os Dias #244

Descubra porque meu cunhado brasileiro dizia "Sinta o cheiro de ar puro!" vez após vez na primeira vez que ele foi para os Estados Unidos, e aprenda a dizer sinta o cheiro em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje.

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Smell that fresh air!
Smell this.
I can smell onions cooking.
What's that smell?
Smell that fresh air!
What can you smell right now?
I can smell ­­_________ .
I can smell spaghetti cooking.
I can smell excitement in the air!


Vamos praticar a expressão de hoje setor de comentários abaixo. Complete a frase:

- What can you smell right now?
- I can smell _____________.

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40 comments “Sinta o cheiro | Inglês Todos os Dias #244”

I can smell Health and Happiness a plenty right now ! Thank Lord God !
Have Everyone a Great Night !

Thank you, Ricardo! You, too!

I can smell popcorne in the air!

I love popcorn!

I can smell chocolate cake. I think my neighbor is baking it.

Yum! Maybe it’s time to go say hello to your neighbor… 😀

I can smell lemon tea.


I can smell apple cake.

Sounds good!

I can smell coffee in the air!

I love the smell of coffee!

I think the coffee is ready. I can smell it!
Have a great day guys!

I’ll have some, too, please!

I can smell the pollution of the air of são paulo!

That’s not good. 🙁

I can smell the breakfast!

My favorite meal of the day!

I can smell foreign smell. I guess it’s my coworker; he usually take a shower only Saturday!

Uh-oh! 🙂

I can smell good vibes is coming!!

I hope so! 😀

I can smell smoke in the air.

Yes, unfortunately, there are a lot of fires during this time of the year. We need rain!

I can smell luckiness!

I can smell coffee in the air too!

I can smell coffee

Hi Tim!

I truly believe that if one gets the gist of English collocations, it might turns out an easier way of learning, than old-fashioned methodologies.

Once again, thanks a lot!

Vera (from Spain)

I can smell Acai , kkkk

I can smell my hand cream.

I can smell meat with turmeric.

I can smell coffee. \o/ Have a nice day and thank you for the great podcasts!

I can smell the tips from will help me a lot

I can smell of barbecue, it’s time to lunch

I Can Smell the goodness’ God this morning!

It´s a Octubre again! I can smell birthday coming!

I can smell cake!

I can smell a smoke in the air. Oh…I have forgotten my bread on the toast!

I can smell delicious food that want me arriving in home

I can smell dollar in the air.hahaha 😀

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