‘Trombei’ com uma amiga | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #10

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‘Trombei’ com uma amiga | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #10

Meu filho encontrou uma amiga (vamos chamá-la de "Mary") por acaso no centro hoje e me contou por Whatsapp. Como ele disse isso?

I ran into Mary.


I bumped into Mary.

Qual é o certo? Vamos conversar sobre isso no mini-podcast de hoje.

Esta dica faz parte do pacote "Phrasal Verbs com as Letras Q & R", CONFIRA AQUI!

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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I bumped into a friend downtown.
Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere
run into
I ran into a telephone pole.
I ran into a friend downtown.
What’s your name?
I ran into the wall.
I bumped into the wall.
I bumped/ran into a friend downtown.
I’ll see you there.
I’ll bump into you there.
I bumped/ran into ____(person)____ yesterday.




Complete the following sentence in the comments section below. 

I bumped/ran into _____[person]___ yesterday.

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21 comments “‘Trombei’ com uma amiga | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #10”

I’d like to say thank you Tim, I have followed your website and podcast over the years and I got to improve my english every single day. You have a special way to teach English and that gives us more confidence to reach our main target that is to be fluent in this amazing language. Thanks again, you rock Tim, God bless you.

Thank you for your kind words, Julio! You encourage us to keep on keeping on!

We bumped into a coworker Saturday.

You see him/her enough at work already! 😀

I make a point to arrive early for don’t run into my boss in the bus. 

Will he give you work to do? 😀

As far as I remember I didn’t bump into anyone yesterday…

Did you stay home? 🙂

Yep! All day long… :/

It is very common bumping into a friend in downtown.

You must have a lot of friends! 😀

I bumped into an ex girlfriend at the mall with my wife.

Oops! That was awkward! 😀

Tim, what about the phrasal verb “come across”? Can it be used in the same situations?

Just saw today’s podcast. It answers my question. 🙂

You saw it! 😀

I bumped into my brotheryesterday.

Was he glad to see you? 😀

I bumped into a big white dog yesterday.

Was he mean?

I ran into an old friend of mine who told me I was too fat. I came across with some photos of her showing a fat body years ago.

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