Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #31: Verbo ‘work’ com preposições at, for, in, with

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Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #31: Verbo ‘work’ com preposições at, for, in, with

Where do you work? [Onde você trabalha?]. I work at/for/in/with ______________ . Vamos aprender quais preposições usar - at,for,in,with - com o verbo trabalhar (work) em inglês.


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Frases no mini-podcast de hoje:

I work in an English school. Where do you work?
Where do you work?
I work in an English School.
I work
You work
They work
We work

He works
She works

I work in an office.
I work in a school.
I work in a factory.
I work in Jundiaí.
I work for Nike.
I work at Nike.
I work for Domine Inglês.
I work for Silvio Santos.
I work in the marketing department.
I work in sales.
I work in consulting.
I work in research.
I work with computers.
special-needs children
My sister-in-law works with special-needs children.
I work in Education.
I work at Domine Inglês.
I work in a school.
I work in Education.
I work with English students.
I work at Siemens


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Responda a seguinte pergunta no setor de comentários abaixo.

Where do you work?

I work at/for/in/with ______________ .

My wife/friend/father, etc. works at/for/in/with _______________ .

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42 comments “Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #31: Verbo ‘work’ com preposições at, for, in, with”

I work in a school/I work in Education/i work for city hall ribeirão preto/I work with small children

Seems like a challenging job!

I work for Exército Brasileiro and my wife works for Força Aérea Brasileira.

Wow, a military family! Very interesting!

I work at Galeria do Açaí, I work in Imperatriz, I work with acai… Is correct ? 

Really, you work with Açaí? Do you sell it?

I worked in High School, but now I am unemployed. :'(

I hope you find a job soon!

I work in Legislative Process, at Chamber of Deputies, with politicians and laws.

Sounds like a difficult job!

I work in the police station and my wife is beautician, she works in a clinic.

One takes care of our safety, the other of our beauty! 🙂

Exactly!!!! lol

I work in IT department, with information technology.

That’s an important job today in age!

I worked more than 33 years in a bank. Nowadays I work for a special girl named JULIA, my daughter, ten years old. My work is similar a “Uber driver”, but I have only one client. (to take / to pick up – ballet, school, english school, etc)

I know! It’s a full time job! 😀

I Work in Education.I like english.

Great! Maybe one day you can be an Enslish teacher!

I work in Emater

My sister works in education in a school for children.

Interesting, Érica! Is Emater and agricultural company?

Hi Tim, 

I work in helicopter company, I work for air taxi, My work is transport all kinds clients with security.

Have a nice day

Sounds like an interesting job!

I work in a system developer firm, I am a programmer.

That’s a good job!

Hi Tim,
I work for Kimberly Clark Brasil as project engineer. My wife works for herself (self-employed), she has an e-commerce and sells semi-jewels.

You both have interesting jobs. Thank you for participating.

Hi Tim, 
I work at Panasonic, I´m Nurse of Work there. My husband works with building.

Nice jobs!

I work at Prefecture of my City.

at City Hall?

I work in the IT departament, specifically with network infrastructure for 23 years. I really like what i do.

It’s great that you like your job, that means you work with passion.

I work in a  shooping

I working in project.

I Work at Sonda IT, as Service Desk Coordinator. My Mother was banker, now she is retired. My older Sister works at School as teacher and my newest Brother is self employee, he works with sales.

I work in consulting, at downtown of São Paulo City. Now are in São Caetano do Sul. 

Hi Tim!
I work in Education. I´m supervisor teaching.

I work in the house. 

Hi Tim!

I work in hospitality.

Have a great Day too!

I work in insurance.

I work at Signode.
I work in Cabreúva.

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